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About DVDs and Dreams~!

So my dad's computer has decided it doesn't want to play DVDs proparly anymore, peh typical. I tested the DVD on my own computer to make sure it wasn't the DVD itself but it plays perfectly on mine. Problem is now that I have one Power DVD that will lock on a region on the 5th time I change it XP My dad keeps telling me to just uninstall and reinstall the program to reset it but I'm not 100% confident that will work, I've had plenty of programs remember things before even after being uninstalled and reinstalled >>;
I tried playing the Pokémon DVD through WMP but it won't play the actual episodes but then again I don't think that will do good screenshots, I tried with my GX DVDs and they went kind of weird >>;

Maybe I'll try changing the region 5 times on my dad's computer then uninstall power DVD and reinstall it again to see if it does reset, if so it'll be okay.

That said today I took caps of "In the Knicker of Time", "Mantine Overboard" and I started on "A Promise is a promise" would of done more if I hadn't fallen back to sleep like I did XP Had a really freaky dream about my house being on fire O_o; It's strange, in all the dreams I've ever had about that I always have time to grab things and escape, in my dream I was SO not leaving without the hamster OR my GX DVDs XD;;
Weirdest thing was that the first started in a barn, I don't have a barn, in fact, part of the hosue was also where I work too... O_o; Crazy.

Also Asuka/Juudai has apparently eaten my brain >>;;; An intresting way to start a dream about a fire I must say, Juudai got distracted though, hahaha! XD

Okay, must get ready for work now :o
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