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Manjoume's Whiteboard!

Remember me making an entry about how I hurt my thumb at work which resulted in me getting something in it and having to get my mum to try and get it out with a pin...
...yeah....don't think whatever is stuck under the skin on my thumb went at that time, I think it's still there cos it feels uncomfortable...
I hope it doesn't escalate into something a lot worse cos stupid Togepi didn't put the incident into the accident book like she should of done :/ But there's me too lazy to report such a small incident (*When really I should report everything up to every last paper cut I get there, but like hell I'm doing that XD*)

Come to think of it there is a mark on my left hand that's been feeling uncomfortable too, thing is that's something I got when I was about six years old. I specifically remember getting a small slither of glass in it, I pulled it out but ever since then I've had like a red mark there kinda like a blood spot thing :o It's only recently it's been bugging me though...

Anyway been making a bunch of icons, too tired to post them now, but I'm posting with one of the icons I've made for my Juudai claim :D

Also I want text suggestions for this:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I erased the text on Manjoume's whiteboard and I want to add silly things to it :D I once tried to do something similar with a Sasuke picture but since his piece of paper was at an angle the text was hard to put on.
So think up funny phrases to put on Manjoume's Whiteboard! (*Just make sure it's short ^^*)

Well, off to bed for me ^^
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