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LJ ate my other entry on this episode >/

Okay, I just wrote up a ramble of episode 60 complete with a TON of screenshots all linked to INDIVIDUALLY each with a ramble/caption of it's own...
...then LJ ate my entry.

Peh, maintenance my ass, it was working straight afterwards >/

Long story short, the episode had Juudai angst, it had Fubuki craziness, it had Manjoume loose his sanity and Misawa probably lost all feeling in his face after the way Asuka slapped him :D
Screenshots here (*Takes up three pages*): http://photobucket.com/albums/v142/PDUTogepi/

Feel free to use the screenshots for whatever you want :3

Poor Juudai ;____; The angst at the beginning of the episode was so sad...
...I am SO iconing the angst!!


EDIT: I was tagged :o

If you were to be on set of the Doctor Who 2007 season (season 3), how would you act with Billie Piper and David Tennant?

Hummm, I'd probably tell David how impressed I was when I read he'd been aiming for playing Dr. Who for so so so long and he finally got the part, it's like, dreams DO come true, wow! :o

Billie? I'd ask her what the hell she was thinking when she married Chris Evans :D Okay, I probably wouldn't ask her that but damn, what WAS she thinking!? I guess the guy is funny but...CHRIS EVANS!? Oh Oh and if I had the guts I'd tell her to stick with acting, I hated all the songs she released >>;

Hummm, that reminds me, I think I read there is some Dr. Who thing on Christmas day, must remember to watch that
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