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Pokémon makes things better!

Feeling better! And why?

Well upon getting to the Charity Shop today the FIRST thing I saw as nothing but an actual plushie PICHU! I've wanted a plushie Pichu for ages ;___; At the time though a child was holding him so I figured he was wnating it or it actually was his, but as I walked through the door I heard his gran say "So you don't want that then" turns out he'd left it in the place where our baskets are kept (*Nobody uses those baskets, I have no idea why we have them*) and he was eventually bought a Tweenie instead. So Togepi got the Pichu plushie after all :D

Awwww, it's so sweet, like all weirdly chibified, it has this HUUUUGE head to it's tiny body and it's probably just one of those toys you get from the grabber machines at the beach or something but I don't CARE cos I love it to tiny pieces~! Right now it's at my mums house cos she's gonna wash him for me :3

Anyway after I left the Charity Shop I deicided to buy some Pokémon cards for myself as I had seen some new ones in Woolworths. I got 4 packs and then the lady said "This comes with it" and added one loose card onto them Oo; I have a feeling that it was just a lose card that fell out of a pack or something, it's a rare holographic Azumarill too :3

Just looking through my other cards and there is some lovely art on these, it reminds me I need to carry on with my huge Pokémon image archive, these will make awesome additions. I've already got two different pictures for Eevee, Dratini and Staryu and I've got a bunch of Dragon pokémon too like Dragonite and Salamance X3
There's also cards which is a Ditto that has turned into something (*I have one where it's a Pikachu, one where it's a Geodude and one where it's a Bulbasaur XD*)
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