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That be a lot of tapes

So many tapes... since when did I have this many tapes...
On the bright side I got through quite a lot today :D And capped about seven or so episodes, I have loads of Master Quest episodes :o Halfway through "Fangs for Nothin'" but since it's lateish and I'm both tired an hungry I decided to stop at where I am for now and maybe carry on tomorrow :3

Oh and a meme!

If you had one free ride on the TARDIS where and when would you go?

That is one hard question. Personally wherever I go it would be sometime in the past. You know, I've always wondered what my own hometown looked like hundreds even thousands of years in the past. I know for sure some of the buildings here are quite ancient ^^ So I personally would love to see my own hometown in the past as it would be intresting :D

I'm tagging mage_power :3
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