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Finished for Today~!

Well I think I've pushed my dad's computer to about what it can today in terms of screenshots, I was just about to cap "That's Just Swellow" when it crashed on me :/ Suprisngly it didn't do that all day but I imagine it's getting warm now so I'm just sending the caps to myself through e-mail, then I'll be able to download them onto my own computer :D Need to rely on the yousendit link for the first movie shots since it's just too big to upload onto hotmail, I won't delete them off this computer until tomorrow when I know I've safely got them all anyway.

Well at least now I've got another 4 tapes marked up, three I can re-record over and one that has an episode on it I'm listed as doing a guide for :D

I must remember that the first episode of Wolf's Rain is on tonight.
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