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Mewtwo Strikes Back - Screenshots Completed

On my dad's computer right now, working on Pokémon screenshots. Just finished capping the whole of the first Pokémon movie. Caps aren't all that good but what can I expect from taking caps through a VCR XD

Those window guys should arrive soon, I'm just gonna see to them but after that I'm gonna stay up here working on these screenshots, now I've got the first movie all done it's back to the Advanced Challenge episodes and....whatever else is on this pile of tapes beside me XD;; I'm sure I've got one somewhere with Master Quest episodes on it

Anyway I'm uploading the Mewtwo Strikes Back screenshots for onexregret since I originally started the caps for them :3 I hope it helps with your Pikachu iconfiend100 claim, I'll try and upload any other Pikachu shots I get today ^^

http://s62.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=2FLJMYYJZB6GK2KDG4VWBHANZF <--- Mewtwo Strikes Back shots :D

EDIT: Ha! I only have half of the episode "Exploud and Clear" O_o; But at least it's freed up a tape.
Window guys are also here now.

@ 15:25pm - Game Winning Assist
@ 16:49pm - Showdown in Pewter City
@ 17:57pm - The Waterflowers of Cerulean City
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