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Woke Up -_-;

I was sleeping, thankyou, Mr. Doctor that came to the door just now looking for a house a street or two down, gah he banged on the door loud and repeatedly, at first I thought my Pokémon DVDs had arrived but mail people don't stick around as long as he did XD They knock once or twice, write a "You were not in" thing and bugger off XD Tis why you gotta be quick.
I found it hard to understand the guy too, half asleep me + Guy who can't seem to speak english that well = Major confusion.

I watched the first episode of Yakitate!! Japan last night, weird show XD But yet strangly intresting and amusing for an anime about bread making.

EDIT: Talking of my DVDs looks like they'll be here in the next few days :D I ordered the 6th FMA DVD with the metal tin and 2nd OST too and looks like they were both sent off together :3 Bad news is I probably won't be getting to Meadowhall this week :/ And next week is busy, ah well. My mum and I should be going to Sheffield soon anyway.
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