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What's a Fiancée!?!

"So, what's fiancée mean, anyhow?" the confused Jaden suddenly asks.
"It means friend, at least for now big guy" Alexis replies.

Big guy! XDDD My mind instantly went into the gutter when that line was said, I burst out laughing XD The dub also likes to hint at Jaden/Alexis a lot, huh? :o Fun~~!
But now isn't Jaden gonna be running around the Academy calling everyone "Fiancée" cos he thinks it means "Friend"? XD

Anyway I'll post the full comparison later.

Earlier I was playing with clay and I made Pharaoh :D I also tried to make Juudai but he doesn't look that good though XD;; His hair is difficult to do. He might look better once I paint him, first need to wait until they're both fully dry though :/

Ooooh, only 4 more hours and I'll have the first 12 episodes of Yakitate!! Japan, I hear this show is full of crack :D
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