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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Episode 9 [Dubbed] - Duel Monsters Talk To Me!! :o

I've had this up on Gotcha! for a few days now, just too lazy to post it here, but since I'm hoping to do episode 15's ramble/comparison tomorrow I'll post episode 9 now :3
As usual you can see it under the cut or here: http://gx.pdunited.co.uk/yugi_episodes.htm

So we begin with two men in a boat, one is rowing the other is just sat there giving the other orders.
"Put your back into it! I want to reach Academy island by daybreak!" He then thinks to himself that he won't have his son wasting one more slacking day at the school, Chumley is coming home!

(*DIALOGUE NOTE: In the original, Hayato's father said nothing over this scene at all*)

The next day it's a lovely day as Jaden is relaxing under a tree.
"Ah, this is the life! Green grass, some warm sunshine, my own private-"

Jaden sits up as Sy runs up to him telling him he should come quick cos something terrible has happened!
"Traps test. You flunked huh?" Jaden replies.
"Actually I got a B!" Sy replies. "B..But that's not the reason I came here Jaden! It's Chumley, his dad just showed up!"
"Yeah, so what?" Jaden asks. "He raid our fridge?"
"NO JADEN! He came here to force Chumley to drop out!!" Sy snaps back.
"Drop out!? No way!? Not our buddy!?"

(*DIALOGUE NOTE: In the original I believe at first Juudai wondered how Shou found him, Shou replies that everyone knows that this is Juudai's favorite spot*)

So therefore both Jaden and Sy run to see what's going on and watch through the dorm room door belonging to Professor Banner as he talks to Chumley's dad.

"No way...that's his dad!?" Jaden asks.
"Looks like a body builder, huh?" Sy replies, Jaden agrees before Sy carries on. "Though carrying around Chumley as a kid you'd kinda have to be"


Quit with the jokes on behalf of overweight people 4Kids...they're not funny... >>;; Poor, poor Hayato... ;____;

Anyway Chumley's father says that if Chumley was any good at dueling it would be one thing but clearly he's not and that he's wasting his time here.
"I see your point" Banner replies. "Chumley is a bit...er...hehaheha..."
"He's a bit dense!" his father says back. "You can say it! That's why I want him to come home and join the family business! The hot sauce business!!"
A bit dense...? Nice dad you have there Chumley >>; Real nice...
...and...hot sauce!? Oh boy...

"You DO like hot sauce?" Chumley's dad asks.
"Oh yes, I love it, I can't get enough of it" Banner replies, obviously lying through his teeth.
With that Chumley's dad places a huge bottle on the table and...oh my god, what have they done to that bottle O___O It's almost like it's....glowing...

(*EDIT NOTE: Yeah of course there's an edit here, the bottle is VERY different between these two versions, in the original it was a bottle of alcohol that was just white with some Japanese writing on it, in the dub...it glows red with a picture of chilies on the front Oo;*)

Anyway Banner tries to decline the *coughs* "Hot sauce" but Chumley's dad tells him to think of it as a goodbye gift from him and Chumley.

Sy wonders if Chumley is really dropping but Jaden says no, not if they can help it. So with that they run into their dorm room where Chumley is already packing.
"Hey, what are you doing, Chumley?" Jaden asks.
"What's it look like!?" Comes Chumley's rather snappy reply.
"It looks like you're giving up!" Jaden tells him. "Like you're taking everything you've worked for and throwin' it away! Like you're abandoning all your dreams, all of your dueling goals and you don't even CARE!"
Jaden extends an arm out and grabs Chumley's shoulder only for him to turn around and reveal that he's crying.
Sy says he does care but Chumley spouts that he's got something in his eye and that he's not worth the time on blah blah blah enter angst speech here. Then he goes onto say that he COULD be a champion duelist cos he has a special power that he hasn't told anyone!

"Sometimes Duel Monsters talk to me!!"


Right, so they completely leave out the fact that he should have heard Winged Kuriboh in episode 6, then only give us the tiniest of hints in episode 8 then all of a sudden he has this OMG magic power to hear Duel monsters...
...is it me...or is this worse than a fanfic written by a nine year old Oo;

Anyway Jaden asks if he told this to his dad but Chumley replies that of course he didn't, everything to him is just hot sauce, hot sauce, HOT SAUCE!! Thus Jaden drags Chumley to the principal.

In the principals office stands Jaden, Sy and Chumley as well as Banner and Chumley's dad.
Jaden explains that Chumley can't be allowed to drop out cos he has a "gift"...
"Oh sure! A gift for eating grilled cheese" Chumley's dad snaps back.
Jaden replies that he knows Chumley, he's his room mate not to mention his pal, Sy just chips in and says he is too, what Jaden said.

Anyway Sheppard tells them that he respects them sticking up for their friend but it's a personal matter and none of their business.
Anyway Chumley's father proposes a duel, father VS son, if he has this "Gift" he should beat him easy and he can stay at the academy but if he loses then he comes home. Chumley agrees and his dad decides to hold it tomorrow morning.

Anyway as the three friends and Banner walk back from the main academy building, Jaden is all laid back saying how it was a piece of cake to convince Chumley's dad to let him stay, but Sy tells him all they did was convince him to duel, Chumley still has to win to stay. Jaden thinks that Chumley's dad doesn't know how to duel but then Banner tells them he's been state duel champion three years in a row.
Banner tells him that his father was insistent on Chumley coming to the dueling school as he wanted his son to be like him.
"Oooooh! And wait til you see his deck!"
Thankyou people on the Janime forums, now everytime they say the word "Deck" I think of something totally different XD;;

Anyway he continues saying he earns a living off his special "Hot sauce" his deck reflects the kick of this sauce it can take you out in one turn like a Buffalo wing take you out in one bite.
"And ooooh the morning after!"

Jaden realizes that Chumley accepted knowing all of this. Chumley turns around and looks very determined. Jaden realizes just how much Chumley wants to stay so he grabs both Sy and Chumley and starts excitedly hoping from foot to foot.

Okay so that night banner and Chumley's father are....drinking hot sauce...wtf?
What the hell, they even gave it to PHARAOH!? EH!? Why'd they do that!? Wasn't what he was drinking water anyway?

(*EDIT NOTE: The bottle Chumley's father has and the water Pharaoh has is coloured red, different from the original version...and who in the hell DRINKS HOT SAUCE!?*)

Anyway Chumley's dad gets up to go to the bathroom when he hears Jaden and his friends talking from their dorm room.
"What's with Chumley's cards? They're all Koalas!" Jaden says.
"Koalas are my favorite DUH!" comes Chumley's rather nasty reply >>; Jaden tells him that koalas are cool but then asks him if he can win with it.
With that Sy offers Chumley a des kangaroo card, he tells him that he got it a while back and never used it. He tells him that if he combined it with one of his Koalas, he'll have a deck from down under!
Jaden then remembers he has something too so goes to get it.

Anyway it's the next day and as Chumley and his dad stand opposite from each other, Banner reminds them of the stakes of the duel, after this he announces the start of the duel.

Anyway Chumley goes first and places Des Koala in attack mode. Then afterwards Chumley's dad then yaps on about how if he put Des Koala into defense mode then flipped it into attack mode he could activate Des Koala's special ability.
(*EDIT NOTE: Between Chumley playing Des Koala and his dad yapping on about it's special ability there is a cut scene here. In the original Juudai was the one to realize Hayato's mistake first, he was pretty shocked by the mistake and after Shou asks him what's up he explains that Des Koala is a reverse effect monster, Hayato then looks shocked before it moves on to his dad*)

Anyway, Chumley's dad makes his move as Banner tells Sy and Jaden to watch him closely, they might learn something. Jaden says that since he's a state champ he doesn't doubt that they will.

Anyway Chumley's dad summons Dizzy Tiger in attack mode.
(*NAME CHANGE/EDIT NOTE: In the Japanese version the monster's name is Yoidore (*Drunken*) Tiger also the tiger is holding a bottle of Hot Sauce where in the original is was a bottle of alcohol it was holding*)

Ha! Sy asks why he's dizzy and Jaden says it looks like too much hot sauce...

Anyway Chumley's dad has his tiger attack and destroy Chumley's Des Koala.
Anyway then it's Chumleys turn and he plays "Koala March" that lets him bring back a Koala monster that's level 4 or under from his graveyard so brings back Des Koala, it also lets him summon the same monster if he has another in his hand, then he sacrifices both Des Koalas to summon Big Koala, then has it attack and destroy Dizzy Tiger.

"Dizzy Tiger's gonzo!"

Well next his dad plays Dizzy Angel (*Named Drunken Angel in the original and is one of the best duel monsters EVER!*) Chumley makes comment that this Angel reeks of Hot Sauce too...yes..."Hot Sauce"... ¬¬;
Then the Angel gives out a Winged Kuriboh like "Ouuurrrgghhh" and Chumley makes comment he can hear the weird monster voices again.

(*NOTE: In the original, Drunken Angel actually talked which was hilarious. Also of course, the bottle he's holding is edited to be red*)

Then Chumley's dad activates the spell card..."Hot Sauce Bottle"

(*EDIT NOTE: Again, this is edited with a red glowing tint*)

Anyway he then activates the spell card "Flipping the table" which makes a table appear below then which his dad flips up sending them flying, this destroys Big Koala.

Jaden comments how he's not sure if he likes it as it totally resets the field, it's not fair. Chumley says to his dad that that's just like him, if he doesn't like something he trashes it. He then wonders why the Angel isn't destroyed too and his dad replies that he has a special ability, it can't be destroyed by "Flipping the table"

*Watches the Angel swaying about* Yeah...like anyone is going to believe it's staggering and hiccupping because of Hot Sauce >>;

Anyway then Chumley's dad says that when his Hot Sauce Bottle is destroyed it causes Chumley 500 points of damage. Then he has Dizzy Angel attack directly.

Anyway Chumley takes his turn and draws the card Sy gave him so decides to use it. He uses a magic card to summon Big Koala back from the graveyard then fuses it together with Des Kangaroo to create Master of Oz which is the card Jaden gave him.

(*EDIT NOTE: Just before Chumley declares an attack there is a small cut bit here where in the original he makes a comment to himself about Shou and Juudai*)

Anyway he has "Oz" attack and destroy the Dizzy Angel. Chumley's dad starts yapping that he's lost cos of the flipping the table card, where Chumley claims he knows it's weakness apparently once he uses it his dad can't summon a monster, but his dad says with what he has planned so what if he's defenseless. Thus he plays two Hot Sauce bottles. Sy notes that if one bottle is destroyed it makes 500 points of damage but if two are destroyed...
"It'll be bad..." Jaden finishes.
Thus Chumley's dad activates Flipping the Table, which destroys Master of Oz and finishes off the rest of his life points.

Later on, Chumley is packing again and Sy asks if he really has to go. Chumley tells him that he made a promise and he's going to keep it. Sy starts crying as Jaden tells him he's a good duelist and wishes him look, holding out his hand, Chumley takes his hand and wishes the same to him.
Anyway afterwards he says he should go as there is a whole lot of Hot Sauce that needs bottling.
"And I'm sure you'll bottle it great" Jaden replies.

Anyway as they approach the bridge, Chumley asks Banner where his dad is, Banner replies that he had to go because something went wrong with the milds? But he wrote a letter and wanted Banner to give it to Chumley.

The letter says that there is more to school that studies and that even though he might not have made great grades there he's made some great friends, that's reason enough for him to stay, awwwww~!

Chumley runs off with tears in his eyes shouting for his dad, he reaches the end of a cliff and says that he won't let him down and that he's going to make him proud of him.

Then ends with Chumley's dad telling the guy who's rowing the boat to "Put his back into it" and that there is "A case of hot sauce in it if they get there before dawn"

(*NOTE: Once again in the original, this scene had no talking*)

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