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Well that wasn't much fun :/

So they came at about half 12 this afternoon and they were here until about six or so, but I spent that entire time sat in the living room, the ONE room they didn't need to be in, what can I say, I just completely shyed away from them unless they needed to talk to me :/ I did kinda watch them at first but I felt awkward and in the way so that's when I sat downstairs. I did doodle some pictures though, one of Juudai, one of Daitokuji, one strange crack GX plushies picture and one of Juudai and Asuka :3

When one of them went into my room to set up he commented about the pictures I had on the wall and about how good they were XD Then asked if it was that "Yu-Gi-Oh thing" and he actually said the show's name right :o He took a good look at the one with Kaiser and Asuka XDD Either that or he was looking at the Pokémon episode list guide that was beneath it XD;;

The stuff they used to seal the windows with kinda smelled really strong but it's not so bad now I've had the window open for a while ^^

Is Toonami repeating Advanced Battle eps? I tuned in today to watch the Snorunt episode and it was the episode with Spoink and Clamperl, which possible means no Ralts episode tomorrow, awwwww :( I was looking forward to that.
But one good thing about this week is the fact that Rapture TV starts showing FMA and Wolf's Rain :3 Apparently both are repeated Sunday too~! :D
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