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Awaiting a Phone Call

Well I'm waiting for a phonecall from these guys that should be doing our windows, apparnetly they should be ringing about 10am or something, part of me hopes they don't though cos I'm just like my mum, I dislike having any strange people in the house, ESPECIALLY in my bedroom >>; Apparently they'd have to be indoor to fit the damn windows...though if they don't call or come at all I'd have to put up with a night full of my dad moaning like hell >>;
...I'm hoping my dad comes home early like he said he might, but it seemed like he wanted to stay at work if everything was okay :/
...I hid my Nintendo DS, iPod and Digital Camera in a draw anyway ^^;;

Talking of my DS, I played on my Emerald game last night, I got pwned by Norman :/ Though my Pokémon's levels quite suck right now, two at level 25, one at level 26, one at level 27, one at level 28 and my poor Trapinch is at level 23 =p Need to do some serious leveling up at some point.
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