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So much for plans! XD

Well the first part of my week off has been kinda screwed! :D Tomorrow I need to spend the whole day cleaning my room. Why? Because on Monday we have someone coming round to replace our windows for double glazed ones :o So that means he'll be ripping our windows out and such, thus I can't really do anything Monday either, not computer wise, especially if they're doing the upstairs windows first >>;

Well maybe this'll give me a chance to play a bit on my Emerald game on Monday and maybe even do the Marik art trade I owe 2_dg I did draw something for that, I haven't a clue where I put it but it wasn't that good anyway, I have a better idea for the picture now :3 Marik is on my calendar for this month and it gave me an idea what to draw~!

Ooooh! This Monday is when episode 15 of dub GX airs, so much for me trying to catch up with these episodes, though I think once I get this episode I'll review it straight away cos episode 15 is super super crack~! And we'll know if they keep the fiancée line or not Oh gosh I'd just SO love it if they gave Ayanokouji Eric Stuart as a dub VA, mainly cos in the Japanese version he was voiced by Brock/Takeshi's Japanese VA~! XD;;

As for GX, I got the sudden urge to cap episode 14, not sure why, so I'm gonna go start that now XD;;
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