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Episodes 63-69

GX Episodes 63-69 sounds really really awesome *___*

63 - Is the episode where after 60+ episodes the head of Ra Yellow actually does SOMETHING! If it's the same guy that is, I hope it is, though the guy uses a curry based deck, the head of Ra Yellow looked more like a guy who'd use something...artistic or elegant or something along those lines Oo;
Anyway he duels against Kenzan for him to go back to the Ra Yellow dorms. Kenzan VS CURRY! WHOO!

64 - This is Kenzan VS Shou and they duel over Juudai <333 Much love!

65 - Intense Underground Dueling and KAISER! This episode sounds so awesome and kinda serious too. I was actually wondering about if there could be underground dueling where two people duel dangerously for the sick entertainment of others while I was brainstorming fanfic ideas :o Apparently when Life Points Decrease the person gets shocked by electricity O_O;

66 - Juudai angsts by the sounds of it XD Just seems to mention he looks back at his previous duels I so hope this isn't all clip show-ish...

67 and 68 - Juudai returns and has a rematch with Edo with his new E-Hero NEOS or whatever they're called XD;;

69 - Chronos VS Napoleon! <333

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