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Next week I need too...

About a week ago, while at work, I ended up hurting my right thumb on the sharp metal bit that is part of the security tags on our clothing. We have this magnet thing to take them off and one of the metal parts got stuck in it and cos I needed to use it I had to try and get it out, unfortuntly this resulted in my catching my thumb on it. Nothing bad, it barely bled, but over this last week everytime I caught it it hurt and felt uncomfertable, turns out something must of gotten caught under my skin, maybe a piece of dirt or a piece of metal, so earlier I had to have my mum poke at it with a pin to try and get it out X___x; I hate it when I have to do that, not the first time and won't be the last that happens either, I'm always catching my fingers on stuff there XD;;

Anyway whatever was in my thumb should hopefully be out now :o

Also it's my little brother's birthday tomorrow~! :D It's his 21st!

Things I need to do next week:
- Update PDU
- Answer e-mails
- Write Pokémon Episode Guides and maybe start on guides for the Digimon movies.
- Take Advanced Screenshots if and when the box set comes (*I promised Dodgemaster Lex on Pokémopolis I'd try and get some Advanced shots for her*)
- Finish going through the 5 or so videos of Pokemon Advanced Challenge episodes
- At least finish off the GX episode 47 parody? XD

Chances are I'll do very few of these :/
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