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Work Time Clash

Ah crap, I made a dentist appointment for a few weeks from now, I knew I would be working on that say but I usually work from six but since my hours have been so screwy recently they've put me down for working from two, problem is by the time I get back home from it I won't have the time to get ready for work, or at least I'll be cutting it close. I KNEW I should of booked that day off instead of just trusting work to keep my hours normal that day >_<
I need to ask them if I can move my start time to three instead, after all this is all overtime they kinda add without asking (*Generally it's because I filled in an availability sheet saying I can work from two on that day if needed*) but I'm sure I have a right to say I can't work something as I can't be available all the time on that day >>; I'll try anyway, hopefully it's not too much of a problem for me to start an hour later.
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