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Living Plastic Things!

Hahaha~! The Millennium Wheel was the transmitter! I love it XDD
What I loved even more were the freaky plastic manikins walking around~! :D They were actually a little scary XD

I should have made an effort to watch the new Doctor Who series when it aired over here :/ Though it often aired when I was at work so I sometimes watched a bit of it on my break XD
Thankyou to mage_power for spending so much time last night to send the first episode to me ^^

Ooooh~! And last night I ordered a Pokémon Advanced Box Set~! I'm hoping it'll be here by next week, the week I'm off work :D It's region one but I'm hoping I'll be able to use my dads computer to take HQ screenshots from them, then save them and I think instead of using the awkward way of getting them from computer to computer by disks I'll just send them through e-mail to myself, might aswell =p Saves disks *lol*
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