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I am so stupid...

Gaaaah! I'm stupid! I'm stupid! I'm stupid!

On my way to work today a lady stopped me to ask for directions to the nearby school and I TOTALLY GOT THE ROAD NAMES MIXED UP! I so hope she didn't listen to me and go down the one I said, how could I get them mixed up, after all I was trying to send her down the road I used to walk to school for FIVE YEARS!! But I totally gave her the wrong street name for it, I gave her the name of one that was a few more turns up that turns into a DEAD END! >_< ARGH!

So now I feel really guilty ;____;

And that my friends, is exactly what my low confidence does to me, I get confused, panic and mix things up and I don't end up helping the person at all!

The worst thing was we were right next to a road she could have gone down but she had passed it and I thought it would be a lot of hassle for her to turn around to go down it cos it's a busy road, so I decided to send her down the next damn one >_<;;

I hate it when I do that... I really do...*Kicks self repeatedly*
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