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Halfway through GX dub episode 9...

They gave hot sauce...TO A CAT!
What the hell!? Why didn't they just keep it was water, who gives hot sauce to a cat!?
Actually who in the hell drinks hot sauce anyway?

This episode is making no sense! ARGH!

They should of just changed it to something that's actually drinkable... ¬¬;

Also Chumley has OMG special powahz now, after giving us only the smallest hint in episode 8 he suddenly spouts that he's got some special power that Duel Monsters sometimes talk to him like he's had the knowledge all his freakin' life, it just seemed, so out of the blue and odd.

That said, I'm having fun taking Banner's lines completely out of context! :D

Gotta get ready for work now, I just felt like getting that out! ^^
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