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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Episode 8 [Dubbed] - Do you Spell Zane with Two N's??

Behold dub ramble post for episode 8! Can be read under the cut or here:
Also updated for dub titles and US air dates all the way up to episode 19~!

Anyway the episode starts out with a little recap of what Alexis told Jaden about Zane and next we see Jaden sat in the card shop, he says he can't believe this Zane guy and he says it's no wonder Sy has zero confidence.
"If my big bro told that I wasn't good enough to use some card, I'd be insecure too!"
Juudai? Insecure? HA! XD
"Hummm, I wonder, do you spell Zane with two N's" he ponders to himself then says to himself that the duel request forms are such a drag XD

Anyway, Crowler sees him writing and once he looks over his shoulder he sees it's a duel request form and takes it from Jaden.
"Planning a duel are we? Against whom?" He asks as he scans the request form with his eyes, then declares Jaden must be joking when he sees the name.
Jaden explains that he's not joking and that he's going to take on Zane to help Syrus get over his confidence problem for their up coming tag match, but Crowler says soon after that they'll be no duel and tears up his request form as Jaden simply stares on in shock. Hahaha! That scene will always be a classic X3 Juudai/Jaden's face just says it all~~!

Meanwhile poor Sy is angsting it up in his dorm room sat with the covers over his head as he stares at his Power Bond card. He then starts to hear his brothers deep voice in his head, repeating what he said in the flashback in the last episode about how he wouldn't have given him the card if he knew Sy would mis-play it. With that Sy covers his ears and then pulls the covers over his head, worrying that he's going to let Jaden down.

Once again Sy's imagination gets the better of him as he imagines himself and Jaden against two mystery duelists.
Here I must say 4kids have done something I found really quite funny! You see, whenever I saw this episode in the Japanese version I always thought to myself "Hey, that duelist who speaks looks like Tristan!" and in the dub 4Kids have actually given this duelist Tristan's voice! XDD
4Kids are teh win for that! It just really amused me! XD

Anyway this mystery duelist says he uses a spell card to take control of Sy's monster (*Patroid*) and attack Jaden. Patroid hits Jaden and he goes flying to the ground. Sy blames himself for it before Jaden struggles to reach out for him and cries out: "Why, Sy? Whyyyyyyyyyyy?" That line I just loved XD
"I'll tell you why" comes Zane's voice from nowhere as he appears. "Because he doesn't belong here"
Afterwards Zane laughs all evil like :o

Meanwhile, in a tree:
"Look it's not you it's me" Chumley says to...one of his cards. "I just can't use you in my deck anymore. I gotta make room for another koala!"
Anyway Jaden is walking below mumbling about that lousy Dr. Crowler before cards fall on his head which makes him look up wondering what it is.
"Ah-ha! It's either a giant Tree Sloth..." He begins. "Or it's Chumley"
(*DIALOGUE NOTE: In the original, Juudai mistook Hayato for a Koala rather than a Tree Sloth*)
Anyway Jaden picks up one of Chumley's cards and tells him there are like a zillion koala cards down there.
"Heh! Yeah they so rule!" Chumley replies. "Wanna have a pick up duel 'gainst 'em"
But this gives Jaden an idea and he runs off. Chumley asks where he's going and after Jaden tells him he's off to the Obelisk Blue dorm Hayato wonders why.
"A pick up duel! With Zane!" Jaden replies.
"THE Zane!" Chumley shouts, before falling off the branch.

Next we see Jaden as he falls to the ground, in front of him are two Obelisk blue students, they then throw a bucket of water over his head.
(*EDIT NOTE: A small cut scene of Hayato is taken out. In the original it came just after the close up of the drenched Juudai :D*)

Anyway as they walk back to their dorm, Chumley wonders what Jaden is gonna do now. Jaden, as he's drying his hair with a towel (*ZOMG! Juudai X Towel OTP!*) he says one thing he isn't going to do is give up, he'll get Zane to duel him one way or another.

Anyway they return to their dorm room and Jaden moans to Sy thinking he's still in bed, making a remark that even Chumley got up today.
"Yeah! Lousy Bladder!" Chumley replies. Jaden pulls up the bed covers but Sy isn't underneath them. It's then Chumley points out that he left a note and Jaden asks what it says.

"Dear Jaden. I'm leaving Duel Academy, don't try and stop me, it's for the best. I would only be holding you back if I stayed..."

With that Jaden snatches the note from Chumley and crumples it up in his hand, according to him, Sy ain't going anywhere. Chumley declares they should go stop him...after dinner.
"No now!" Jaden replies
"But today's grilled cheese day!" Chumley says back. Man, he likes his grilled cheese Oo;
With that Jaden grabs Chumley's sleeve and drags him out of the dorm declaring if they don't hurry, it'll be Sy's last day.

The two go looking for Sy, Chumley opting to shout out that it's grilled Cheese day Oo;
Meanwhile Sy is stood by a raft: "So long, Duel Academy"

Anyway Winged Kuriboh appears to Jaden and as Chumley runs up behind he says that he's so hungry he's hearing voices.
So NOW they throw a hint Chumley can hear Winged Kuriboh -__-; Although the dub makes it a lot more obscure here as it's only a tiny hint. In the original you knew by this time that Hayato could definitely hear Hane Kuriboh's voice.

Anyway Winged Kuriboh flies off a little and starts pointing with his high little "Ouurgghhhs". Jaden asks if it can find where Sy's at, it nods and Jaden tells him to go before calling to Chumley and following it.
Poor Chumley doesn't seem to like the idea of having to run.

Meanwhile, at the lighthouse, Alexis walks up and joins Zane for a lighthouse angst session (*Those who are watching this series for the first time, yes, they do this a lot :D*)
Zane asks her if there are "any new leads" Alexis just shakes her head.
"I can't believe he's still gone" she replies. "I keep looking for some sign but it's like my brother vanished into thin air"
"Don't give up, you'll find him" Zane tells her. Alexis replies that she hopes so and then she tells him that she saw his brother the other day telling him that he lost in a practice duel to Jaden Yuki and that Zane's name came up and not in a good way XD
"The big bad brother" Zane says. "What? Does Jaden want to scold me now?"
YES! You've been a baaaad boy!!! >oooo Muwhahahaha!!
Alexis just tells him that she thinks he wants to duel him.

Suddenly Sy's voice interrupts them as he tells Jaden to stay back. As Jaden approaches, Sy jumps on his raft. Jaden makes a leap for it and jumps on too, but then the raft breaks apart and they both fall into the water XD

"Help me! I can't swim!" Sy cries as he grabs hold of Jaden.
"And you were about to raft out into the ocean!?" Jaden replies. "That makes sense!!"
Then both of them are dragged back under the water due to Sy's panicking.
Chumley dives in after them but realizes soon after that the water....is shallow. With that both Jaden and Sy resurface in water that only comes up to the top part of their legs XD

Sy wonders why Jaden is trying to stop him, after all if he leaves, they'll assign him a new tag partner and have a much better chance of winning. Jaden tells Sy that what he is saying is his brother talking and tells him to believe in himself.
"You gotta believe ME!" Sy replies. "I'm a lost cause..."
"He is right, you know..." comes Zane's cold reply from above where he is stood with Alexis.

"You dropping out?" Zane asks to which Sy replies that he is...kinda. "Well it's about time!"
Poor, poor Sy. He turns his back on his brother and starts crying.
"You're his big brother!!" Jaden shouts. "How can you say that!?"
"Because I know him" Zane replies.
"Yeah, I bet you think you know it all, but guess what you don't!!"
Well....that's telling him...
Anyway Jaden tells him that he's gonna prove it right now. "Lets duel!"
"Duel a Slifer? Sure, why not, after all, it's been a while since I went slumming"
Slumming? Oo;;;
Sy warns Jaden that he's good but Jaden is convinced this duel will solve Sy's confidence problem...without hurting his own XD;;

Anyway it turns night and the duel starts, poor Sy convinced this won't turn out good.

"First I'll rock polymerization"!? Yeah, you do that >>;

Hahaha, I like it when he attacks Zane with thunder Giant and after Zane doesn't even react Jaden says "You could at least kinda flinch"

(*EDIT NOTE: In the original, when Kaiser summons Cyber Twin Dragon and Hayato speaks there are a few more scenes that followed before Cyber Dragon attacked. One of a close up of Kaiser, then zooms out from Hayato to show both Shou and Asuka then shows a close up of a troubled Shou*)

(*NAME CHANGE/EDIT NOTE: Friendog is now called Rottweiler? Which is weird cos Friendog actually doesn't look anything like a Rottweiler, more like a Greyhound if anything. Rottweilers are hugely built dogs with floppy ears. Also the card art is different between the dub and original versions*)

Jaden - "You're brothers got mad skills!"
Sy - "Well, at least I got the looks!"
Mad skillz, yo!! XDDD

Also a photo to prove I am the

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My dad had bought little Potato Alphabet bite things, so today I decided to have some fun when getting dinner and spell out names with them XD;; Yeah the "P" in "Phoenix" actually was originally an R but I had to break off a part cos I couldn't find any P's ;___;

I'm such a dork XD;;

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