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I gave the Kaiba's colds XD

Well for all that are keeping up with PDU's news the site SHOULD hopeully be back up tomorrow (*Since tomorrow is the 15th*) but if it's defiantly not up by first thing on the 16th I'll be kicking some Lycos ass!

Last night I had my best friends brother bugging me about my job (*Since their mother also works at Sainsbury's*) and kept saying that his mum was wondering if I was going to ask for more hours or snatch up the full time job vacancy that has been left by one of the full timers on the Booze sction elaving to work on Frozen foods...
....er well, defiantly NO to the working full time, not at the moment anyway, I guess I wouldn't mind if it was a job I thought I was good at doing but I am REALLY not the best choice for full time on the booze section....you need someone who knows what they're doing ^^; And who doesn't spend the whole shift wishing they could draw something :p
Plus Full Time Job + Me = PDU gone forever as I wouldn't have the time to do it anymore and what scares me the most is I probably wouldn't be able to draw as much either, hell the woman who LEFT full time on that section was apparently really good at painting but hasn't done it for years since getting that job X_x; *falls over* No, no, no drawing is my life damnit! *huggles her crappy drawing skillz* I'll get a Full Time Job ONE DAY but....not now...
As for asking for a few more hours, I will if the oppertunity creeps up, I hate having to ask for things for myself.... plus I'm afried they'll just end up giving me full time hours if I ask O_o; I worked a week full time once....I didn't like it...
Plus they know when I'm avaliable for overtime, I filled out a form for it just the other week...

Why is my right arm hurting? O_o; My left hip was hurting a lot yetserday...
...ha feels strange to complain about aches and pains when I'm not even 21 yet ^^;

As for my Sims....I think the entire Kaiba household have colds, they're all in bad moods and keep sneezing and coughing.... ooops ^^; Seto got demoted last night too XD What a strange turn of events, hehehe. I have no idea whether the colds are a result from me making the sleep outside or whether it's because of their obsession with the Hot Tub ^^;
Rei from Evangelion was chatting up Theif Bakura XD And Ino from Naruto decided to stare at Yami Marik while he was *cough* using the bathroom...
Oh the entertainment never ends XD

Oh well, best get ready for work *hugs her small 4 hour shifts*
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