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Going to Work in my Dreams~! :o

Reading a book on ghosts while the wind is howling outside is kinda un-nerving XD;; Yeah I got that book I ordered of amazon today, it's really intresting~! :D Especially reading about a few places I've been too that are suposedly haunted, but really most of those places are in my home town or a few places I've been to in Nottingham.
Ya know I had heard of the blue lady who walks between the Priory Gatehouse and church and the ghost in the Lion Hotel, but the ghost of the monk at the priory church I hadn't heard of until I read about this book in the local paper :o Apparnetly the most recent sighting of the blue lady was only last year.
Quite an intresting read, need to read the rest later~!

Ya know, I keep having dreams about work being on fire :o Only a week ago did I dream of smoke coming through some vent on the celining and we had to evacuate, twice! Then while outside a Meramon jumped from the roof and we realized he was the cause, after that the tamers battled him :3
Anyway last night I dreamt we had some TVs in boxes and some customer decided he'd get rid of a beer he was drinking by breaking the box, smashing the TV and pouring his beer in it causing it to set on fire somehow! XD So we evacuate only to go back in moments later to find one of our checkout managaers had passed out which is weird cos I got the impression she was somewhere else. She comes too and everything is okay again until she brings out a small puppy, cue me cooing over the thing and playing with it only for it to run off (*The puppy's name was Rex by the way*) so I run off after it and a customer stops it. I pick up the puppy and then it digs it's claws into my face :/

Ya know, even when I'm not working I'm still at work, seems like not only do I spend half my time when I'm awake there but i spend half my time there when I'm asleep too XD;; Fun, fun~!

Well I think I should get started on the rest of my GX comparisons XD;; Then maybe I'll watch Bleach episode 55 later on :3
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