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What do ya know, Ed cosplays!

YAY! Daitokuji-sensei's soul is still around trying to escape from Pharaoh, the kitty ain't having that though XD Right at the begining Pharaoh yawns and Daitokuji's soul somes out but Pharaoh bats it around and swallows it again XD;;; Poor Daitokuji!
Shou's in his Ra Yellow uniform in the opening now! Eeee!
Awwww, Saiyaman's started editing out the adverts again :( Oh well. Then again, there was only so much I could take of those boring America Home Direct ads XP

What the hell, is Ed runing around the city dressing up like a monster and mugging people? :/

Ha! The stadium where they're dueling is full of Ryou and Ed fangirls XD;; That seems to be pissing Manjoume off Oo;

Hahahaha! Everyones all WTF over the fact that Ed's real deck is an E-Hero one, hummm, his Featherman seems slightly darker in colour to Juudai's featherman :o In fact all the monsters do.
Also it seems everyone knew E-Heros can have an alternate fusion, all except Juudai that is, cos he's an idiot XD

By the end Kaiser is able to get out Cyber End Dragon, thinking he's won but Ed pulls a trap on him and thus he loses then he realizes that Ed was the monster in the alleyway :oo


So what important thing did we learn in this episode?

Ed's a thug who likes to cosplay as one of his Duel Monsters at night! :D
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