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Random Ramble Before Work

Rwar! I was called twice in 10 minutes by the same damn company (*Or at least it sounded like it*) the person I talked to the second time sounded American Oo; I had no idea what she wanted stupid questions on phones so I just told her my dad deals with that then hung up cos stupid telephone sales people just annoy the hell outta me >>;

The top of my chest keeps acheing for some reason Oo; Throat still feels a little off.

Also I remembered I got a Latios keyring in town the other week so instead of attaching it to my bag where it'll acctidently fall off and be lost forever like my last keyrings did (*I miss my Mudkip ;___;*), I attached him to my safety knife that I always take to work :D So it's gonna come to work with me XD;; I got a Torchic too but I think one on the knife will do, Torchic will have to go somewhere else.

Ah well mum will be here in a minute :o

EDIT: Wow, Live Journal sure added a lot of new stuff recently Oo;
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