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Rambles on Ghosts~~~!

So I just spent the last two hours or so watching "Most Haunted" cos I love Ghost shows :3 Ya know, it's strange, horror movies don't scare me in the slightest, it's the real life stuff that gets me, everytime. Goooosh, there was this one where they were in this REALLY haunted pub and the presenter heard a sinister laugh in her ear that the others didn't and she freaked out asking the guy next to her "Did you laugh in my ear!? Please tell me you laughed in my ear!!" and he was all "O___O N...no" best thing about it is even though the others didn't hear it the sound guy checked the recording from her mic and they picked up this really deep and low laugh that went "Huhuhuhur..."

In another one they went to a really old house and there was a spirit of a monkey there apparently and it was weird cos there was a dog in that scene and it was looking transfixed on something. When one of the guys tried to break it's vision by putting his hand in front of it it just kept moving out of the way as if trying to keep it's eyes on this certain thing and well it was like it had seen another animal then the medium guy was all like "There's a monkey!!!" XD;;
Also there was a really old cradle that rocked on it's own. Later on they moved the cradle and filmed it, it didn't move but they kept capturing flashes of light on the camera. They asked "Shouldn't we have moved the cradle, give us a sign if we shouldn't have" and it flashed :ooo

Hahaha~! Call me silly but I like that show and I don't think they make it up. Damn I'd love to be there on one of those investigations cos I've always found things like that so intresting, but I'd be useless, I'd be worked up before I even got there, hell i can't watch the show without scaring myself XD It's too intresting NOT to watch though.

Not sure what everyone's view is on ghosts but I believe the exist, never seen one, but I do believe they're around. I was actually reading in the local paper about haunted places in the town I live. How there is a ghost of a lady in a hotel at the top of town called "Alice", how at one of our churches you can see a frustrated Monk on top of one of the towers late at night or you can see a lady walk between the church and the gatehouse or how you can see a girl by the river by the church. These were all extracts from a book which I might get actually, tis called "Haunted Places of Nottinghamshire" :o
It's kinda creepy about that church though, cos it's the one I'm most familiar with, the one I've most been to, the one I probably pass the most cos it's right near the park there :o
Hahaha~! Just ordered the book X3

Ah it's all stuff that fascinates me even if it does scare me~! Hahaha~~!

Something tells me I won't be sleeping well tonight XD;;;
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