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Back from work!

Well I didn't get to wear any witches hats and only two of the staff on the checkouts were wearing anything remotly Halloweenish (*One wore springy bats on their head, the other wore devil horns XD*) Next year it lands on a Tuesday so I know I won't be at work that day (*I never work Tuesdays*) but I'm at the charity shop every Tuesday so I'll just wear a witches hat on my shift there next year >D Maybe if I go into town early tomorrow I can find a cheap one being sold off XDD

So right now I'm celebrating what's left of the day with cola, two mini chocolate chip halloween cakes I bought from work and of course music blaring out of my computer monitor~~~! PARRRTTTYYYY!!

My dad told me no Trick or Treaters came around again, ah well, saw two on the way home though XD
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