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YAY! Nice day!

w00t! Twas a nice day today! All warm and spring like ^^ I didn't have the time to draw in the park so I just walked through it instead, twas nice X3
Oh and I forgot to take the Sims extention back to my brother XD So I get to play with it for a bit longer which means I may be able to do the party ot the Kaiba household, Hehehehe!
Yeah I have no life, go figure X3
But first I need to move some more anime characters in the only house remaining... Pegasus is a good choice and pretty much everyone else who isn't in it yet....except Yugi or Yami....both of them crash my game damnit! >_<

Anyway I best get offline, maybe play the sims for a while, then go to bed :p Yeah nothing else to report... XD
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