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Autumm Cleaning at ze ff.net?

I just deleted four unfinished fanfics from my archive on ff.net cos I didn't want them to sit there and be unfinished forever, some I just lost intrest in, others just sucked, so they went.
I barely write fanfics these days anyway, I want to but right now I find even writing mini drabbles hard O_o; Kinda wish all my Tad fics were under one story as indervidual chapters though like I did on Mediaminer. Man, the tad fics...I wish I had fanfic creativity to write another one of those, they were badly written but so much fun to write :3 But hey, they were complete crack parody fics mostly centering around Pokémon (*But other animes too Digimon mostly*) and had so many run on gags...like the lamppost, anyone who has read the tad fics will know about that lamppost XDD;;

Hummm yes, I'm re-living 1am and this is what I spend it doing...man I should sleep >>;
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