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Ego Boosting XD

So the clocks go back tonight apparently. I wouldn't have known if a customer today hadn't of told me XD so this means I have an extra hour to do things tonight (*Yeah I won't use it to actually sleep or something XD;*) so I'm gonna work hard on my Halloween picture and might save me doing most of it tomorrow :3 I was gonna work on it Thursday afternoon but since I felt so crap I didn't, cold has pretty much gone now so that's good :3 (*And hey it DID give me a reason to avoid working on the provisions section at work, which is where all the refrigerated stuff is, so yes, it's cold on there*)
EDIT: Blah I forgot they go back at 2am not 12am >>; Ah well I will just not set my alarm clock back and get up an extra hour early tomorrow so I can work on the picture XD;; Yeah I'm stupid XP

Also I find it amusing that when people at work or the charity shop see my crappy little doodles that I do they always say how good they are. How would they react if they actually saw the stuff that I actually put a lot of time and effort into rather than a quick 5-minute doodle? XD
Damian, who works in the warehouse, took a look through my little pad of doodles and I was kinda amazed that he didn't even bat an eyelid when he looked at one picture and asked what it was from to which I replied "Pokémon" (*It was James from Team Rocket*) then again the first time he saw my pictures (*Which at the time were actually of original characters*) and he said that they looked like Pokémon-style characters or soemthing close to that anyway XD;;
Also apparently the supervisor who was on today (*Leslie, she's fun to talk to ^^*) told me how her daughter had to do some kind of poster for something (*At uni I think? Not sure*) and apparnetly got her friend to do it cos she can't draw, Leslie apparnetly told her about that she knew someone at work who could draw and could pay me to draw it XD Apparently she had to draw 3 generations of birds? I think that's what she said. Though Leslie wasn't too sure if I just did cartoons or anything more, to which I told her cartoons are my main prefrence but with a refrence picture I probably could draw animals pretty well in a slightly more realistic style. Apparnetly her daughter is gonna try herself though XD
I gotta draw in public places more often, maybe someone will one day offer me payment to draw something XD;;
You know it's reactions like these that make me happy that I try so hard with the stuff I draw, sure most of it is fanart but it's still practise ^^

Anyway best start on my Halloween picture colouring, I started on Ed's Wizardmon costume which is gonna be fun to colour :3
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