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Wolf's Rain in the UK! W00t!

I just learned that we're getting Wolf's Rain shown on TV over here starting in November! HAPPY~! I saw the first half of the series in subs but now I can watch the dub :D YAY! Apparently they're getting a second anime show too, I wonder what that is? :o
So people in the UK, tune into the "Rapture" channel at 8.30pm Thursdays from the 17th of November, trust me, Wolf's Rain is awesome :D (*It's repeated at 8.30pm on Sundays*)
According to this article I'm reading "Rapture" is a new channel that launches on the 14th of November (*But I'm sure I've seen a channel already called that :/*) Well whatever it is if it's showing anime like this it could mean good things for anime UK wise cos most of the time we just get the kiddies anime XD Which ain't all too bad, but it's not often we get the animes for slightly more older audiences.
This rocks :3
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