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I want to Build Kaibaland....

Ah well my Sims fun ends tomorrow as I need to give the extention pack back to my brother....
....and just when I was planning to build loads fun things around the Kaiba household, naming it "Kaibaland" in my head and invite all the other characters around for a wild party X3
Though I did learn something last night... Joey and Itachi make a funky couple, they were the only ones I could get to do funky stuff on the sofa, while all the other characters I tried pushed each other off, then the next morning Joey tried TWICE to hug Itachi but poor Itachi wasn't having any of that X3
They also like to play Duel Monsters together, which is sweet ^^

Ah well tomorrow I plan to leave the house a little earlier than usual before going to the Charity Shop and maybe sit in the park for a while and draw...
....ya know....if the weather is okay.... which it probably won't be...
...it'll probably be swarming with kids though X_x;

I also need to make sure I buy some stuff in town, a list which consists of:
More Fineliner Pens (*I keep losing them X_x;*)
Hamster Bedding
Birthday cards for two of my friends

...maybe I'll buy my own sims extention pack... I can't remember which ones Nadine and Kelly got me but I know they defiantly haven't got me the vacation one....I'll have to have a look....
....game is still having problems crashing... I wonder if it's cos it's a copy...it wouldn't let me save Yami as a character >_< Not fair!

Well that's me for today, I need sleep now ^^
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