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A Bit Better

Wow! My throat feels a whole lot better today, wish I could say the same for my head and the fact that I feel really warm when I got up this morning but I actually think I might be over the worst of the cold now hopefully, I'm hoping I'll be able to drag myself through a seven hour shift today XD;; I'm sure as long as I keep on the paracetomol I'll be okay, took some an hour ago and my headache is gone and I don't feel as warm now.

Gah, last night was a pain. You know I woke up at about 5am and my head was just all over the place, you probably know what it's like when your sick and you head starts feeling kinda...chaotic, like full of thoughts you're trying to sort out but finding it hard too, even though you really have nothing to think about. Kinda like your head is running really really fast with thoughts you can't understand. Finally got back to sleep only to wake up an hour later cos some lady decided to knock on our front door really loud (*Sounded like she was coming through it Oo;*) apparently she couldn't get her car out cos someone had blocked her way with their car, so was obviously trying to find the owner of the other car. Well my dad parks his car in our garage so not us :D Though the parking bit in front of our house is always full of cars these days.

I should really make myself soemthing to eat for dinner now XD
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