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Island of Lost Digimon

Got the 7th Digimon movie~! :D Soooo happy they changed Fractal Code back to it's original name of Digicode, not many, if any, lame jokes which was the thing that put me off dub!Frontier but I enjoyed the dub of this movie~! Kotemon and Bearmon made me squeee cos they were both so adorable X3
I've still yet to watch the Battle of Adventurers XD;;

Gah, gonna go to bed now, need to try and sleep, didn't sleep very well last night. My dad told me he's started with a funny feeling in his nose and throat now, weird thing is not only is it exactly how mine started, it started at almost the same time at night XD;;
My mum brought me round some more peach flavoured throat sweets earlier :3 Yaaay~!
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