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Weird Alternate Reality GX Dream

WOW! So much for getting up early XD I ended up falling back to sleep and having a really weird Alternate Reality GX dream XD;; I don't remember much about the first part. I remember chasing a bird around which I called a "Woodpecker" XD And then someone got ill which gave way to go to the extremly large Alternate Reality Academy ran by some old couple. It seems like in my dream it was actually some kind of role playing game, I think I was Juudai and I kept going out of character a lot.

So anyway we're at this Academy and somehow Fubuki and Juudai already know each other although I think they just met at the introduction. Juudai wants to be in Osiris Red and Fubuki is folllowing him everywhere, i assume he wants to be in Osiris Red too. So they out out to look for the dorm. They find Ra Yellow but then come across some junk yard. They see a large green thing to think that's Osiris Red. Juudai opens a door to check and remarks how it's "Small in here" then they both realize it's full of rubbish. No osiris Red here :(

So next they come across a large outdoor swimming pool and despite the fact Juudai shouldn't know them in my dream he starts shouting out to the people in the water "Hi Asuka! Hi Kaiser!" so he and Fubuki decide to go swimming. The lifeguard guy stops them and waits for two people to get out (*Kaiser and some random guy*) before letting them in. Thus they strip down to their underwear cos they didn't bring any swimming stuff XD;; Fubuki and Juudai decide to race but for some odd reason fubuki decided he's let Juudai win so he swims slowly and sits under water a lot, here he meets Asuka and Manjoume. Manjoume looks pissed off as usual and Asuka seems shocked to see her brother there XD Anyway Juudai does win the race and gets out. Fubuki follows and asks why juudai got out.
"Cos our time ran out" Juudai replies. So thus they continue on their search for Osiris Red.

It seems that Obelisk Blue is around here somewhere although they never see it. At this point Asuka joins Juudai and Fubuki wondering if they need help, Juudai asks her where the Osiris red dorms are and even she doesn't know. But she knows where to get their uniforms so leads them there. When there Fubuki is the first into the lockers where their red coats are and stuff, he then picks up this grey jumper which has a slogan on it that amused him, i can't remember what it was XD Then Asuka shows them soemthing on a piece of papaer and Juudai laughs, makes a remark then says that he couldn't help "Breaking out of character" to say that and apologizes.

Anyway they continue their search, now with nifty devices I assume are their PDA's XD They STILL can't find this dorm. It's then Juudai realizes that these devices they have, have a lens in the back of them. He looks through it and catches a glimpse of the dorm. They have to go aaaalllll the way back to the front of the academy area and up a large dirt slope.

Anyway at this point Shou randomly appears and along with Asuka they go towards the Osiris red dorms, coming across a childs play area with a large queue as they do. They push past saying they have to get to their form. After this they can see the dorm in the middle of a field just in front of them. The dorm is just like the one in the show only it's really red coloured XD

So they get there and wonder which room they have and Juudai is like "Lets take the one that we have in the show!!" :D So they try and climb up. And here appears Daitokuji, he helps Shou up to the dorm cos he was having trouble climbing the ladder. The room is suddenly really really small and has drinks insdie that Juudai knocks over when he tries to get in. With that Daitokuji wishes them well in a really girly sounding voice then kinda....prances off.

So they're all sat in this really small room now that now has no roof. Juudai makes cat noises and Pharaoh apepars and somehow manages to jump up and walks around Asuka who suddenly looks like she's about to freak out XD Daitokuji comes back and he greets Pharaoh and gives him fish :3

And here the dream ends cos I wake up and suddenly realize it's 11am.

It was a very bizarre dream Oo;;
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