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Happy Easter!!!

I had some fun last night with the Anime Sims, I made a 4th family consisiting of; Kakashi, Yami Marik, Atemu, Tsunde, Orochimaru, naruto and Ed (*Cowboy Bebop*) and you have NEVER seen a more disfunctional family as them XD They put the Simpson's to shame, they just dumped litter all over the floor, it was amusing but kinda annoying....
I made Kakashi and Atemu cuddle on the sofa X3 But Kakashi didn't like it when I tried to make Atemu kiss him, he pushed him off *lol*
Then Yami Marik and Kakashi both perished in two seperate fires involving the evil cooker they had, watching the other characters just prance around like headless chickens was so amusing X3
Then all the other characters got depressed, wouldn't find jobs and just randomly broke down crying :p
Naruto liked to through fits and Ed.... well.... acted a LOT like Ed XD

Oh gosh it's like watching a bizarre soap opera XD *falls over* I'm starting over again and making new families but before I do that I have to find WHICH of the sims I installed is crashing the game when I search through the options for male children >_< It's not any of the naruto kids that's for sure so I guess I'll just have to try them one by one and see what happens....

I need to draw an easter picture....but a lot of me wants to play with my anime sims....
....and I guess I should help my dad with housework and such, but knowing him he'll use that to do major housework so that would mean no sims or drawing for me....
....Marik in an easter bunny outfit is really appealing right now X3

Anyway Happy Easter to you all ^^
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