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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: Episodes 6 and 7 [Dubbed] - Carnies and TEH SY ANGST!

Since I uploaded them onto the site I will post the rambles for GX episodes 6 and 7 here~! I really don't like the one for episode 6 since all I did was complain XD;; My ramble for episode 7 was much better and more in detail, even for the duel since a lot of stuff happened in between it~!

So I imagine I won't be writing much for this one since I don't really like to go into the duels in detail (*Cos I'm really lazy*) although I really wish Jaden would stop with the throwing down of face downs talk >>; That line annoys me...

(*EDIT NOTE: Okay so after Jaden activates "Mirage of Nightmare" and...throws down two face downs... right after in the Japanese version is a small shot of Hayato and Shou, nothing important though, They're just cheering him on. In the dub version after Jaden plays his two cards face down it cuts directly to Dub!Titan.*)

Anyway Titan has his Terrorking Archfiend attack and Jaden is like "Talk about butterflies in your stomach"...despite the fact the bugs that come out of Titan's monster are far from butterflies Oo; But Jaden activates his Mirror Force card and is able to direct the attack back at Titan's own monsters destroying both of them.
"How DARE you!" Titan says back to Jaden.
"How? Cos I'm daring, I guess" Jaden replies back. Humm, good for you...I guess XD

Hummm, interesting. After Jaden's life points go down to 1000 and claims he has "Two good legs" the shot goes straight to Titan pulling out his so called "Millennium Item" from his pocket. (*EDIT NOTE: In between those shots in the original there was a brief shot where Shou and Hayato talked and then a shot that panned up Juudai as he was panting with exhaustion.*)

(*EDIT AND DIALOGUE NOTE: Also after Jaden's arm vanishes a bit more the scene after this with Sy and Chumley was cut short, in the dub Sy makes a remark about how Jaden is "Fading really fast" but in the original this scene was longer and had both Shou and Hayato speaking. Also a very BIG change in the dialogue, I believe in the original Shou and Hayato were seeing different parts of Juudai's body dissapear, the two them look very confused at each other. It appears, for some reason, they don't mention this here at all and this is a key factor in the episode...hummm*)

(*EDIT/DIALOGUE NOTE: Wow, LOT of small cuts today XD After Flame Wingman destroys TerrorKing Archfiend and it shows Titan shielding himself, in the dub it cuts to a very close up of Jaden, but in the original there was a small shot of Juudai a little less close just before, here he just announces Flame Wingman's special effect, then in the close up shot he explains that special effect, Jaden in the dub, explains the effect as Titan is getting owned by it XD*)

Anyway after this Titan's right arm and left leg then disappear, (*EDIT NOTE: I believe at this point in the original Hayato and Shou were still seeing different things disappear, in the dub Sy simply points out that parts of the shadow duelist are disappearing as well and Chumley makes comment to Sy wondering if it would work on his waistline -_-;; This scene was also cut short so it only showed the last bit of the conversation between them.*)

(*DIALOGUE NOTE: In the scene where Winged Kuriboh appears as a light and moves around, Jaden speaks: "Hey, that you winged Kuriboh? What is it pal? You trying to tell me something? Whoa, stay steady would ya, with that bright light you're gonna hypnotize me quicker than you help me" in the original this whole scene Juudai does not speak at all, as he watches Hane Kuriboh's light fly around him*)

Oh dear god XDDD They made Dub!Tiatn say he works at a fair!?
JADEN: He's probably some out o' work carnie!
DUB!TITAN: I'm not out of work! I can get my job at the fair back anytime I want!
That...is just not right...XD;;

Ack, they also have changed a whole bunch of dialogue in this scene *Slaps head* In the original Juudai asks Titan how many Millennium Items there are, Titan DOES answer correctly (*Seven*) but then he goes on to say there are seven Millennium Puzzles in which he his wrong, obviously. But in the dub they use this scene to have Dub!Titan try and explain his Millennium Item is real by bringing up Alexis and her situation >>; Ah geez...
But I guess they do this in their own little way, instead of having Titan think there were seven Millennium puzzles, they have him call the Millennium Puzzle a "Millennium pendent" despite the fact that I'm sure he called it the "Millennium Puzzle" in the last episode...
...WTF 4Kids! You're confusing meeeee!!! ;___________;

Another edit, for some odd reason when the little shadow blob things jump into Titan's mouth in the dub there is a green glow, in the original that glow was not there...EH!?

Hahaha, Jaden calls Titan's red glowing eyes "Red contacts" amusing~!

Name change: it appears E-Hero Edgeman has been renamed to E-hero Blade Edge and it has a "Slice and Dice attack"!? That attack name sounds quite stupid really XD

Dub!Titan - "Get off me, tell my...kids I...love them..."
...Titan has KIDS!? Oo;

And by the end Jaden is still convinced it was all a trick by titan, which was true to Juudai in the original too XD Juudai was all amazed over it, but Jaden does take the fact he thought it was all fake a lot farther than Juudai did in the original, saying it was done with mirrors and fog machines.

Ack! And yet another thing 4Kids utterly decided to just skip over. In the original, when Hane Kuriboh and Juudai get out of the Shadow Game, Hayato is able to hear Hane Kuriboh's voice. Why does 4Kids decide not to mention this!?

"Well, well, good morning sleepy head" Jaden says as Alexis wakes up, now all four of them are outside as dawn is breaking. Alexis wonders where she is and what Jaden and the others are doing there. Jaden wonders what kind of a thank you is that.
"We're here cos we had to find the bad guy, win the duel and rescue the damsel in distress" XDD
It's then Alexis remembers being snatched by a "Strange man"
Anyway Jaden hands over her Etoile Cyber card along with the photo of her brother. Apparently it's the first trace of him she's seen in a long time.
(*EDIT NOTE: There was a close up view of the card and picture here but it's cut XP*)

Anyway Jaden explains that he brought it to let her know that they want to help her find him.
"After all, we can't have you getting locked up in any more tombs searching for him all by yourself"
"You really were worried about me, weren't you?" Alexis replies.

Anyway Jaden then notices the sun is up and that they'd better get back before anyone notices they're gone. As they run away Jaden shouts back to Alexis to remember that if anyone asks they were never there.
"But you were" she thinks to herself. "And you saved me and now I still might be able to save my brother too"

Wow! First background music that hits you as the episode starts up is so...ominous XD I like it!
Anyway Alexis walks up towards the lighthouse and sees Zane there, she asks him what he's doing our here and Zane replies, in his 40-odd year old sounding voice, that he just there to be alone.
"You know, I thought once your brother enrolled here, you'd feel like that less, not more" Alexis tells him.
"Well maybe that's because my brother shouldn't be here"
Man, Zane's voice is way too deep for him X___x; How many 17-year-olds do you know with a voice that deep?

Anyway that morning a strange green van with strange people dressed in green, pulls up outside the Silfer red dorm. Thus they get out and start climbing the stairs to the second level of the dorm, waking up Banner and Pharaoh.
"Aren't you kids a little old to be playing war" he says, half asleep. "Come on you guys, how about a nice quite game of charades"
It's then he notices the people in green. Apparently they're the disciplinary Action Squad and they only appear when a student is in serious trouble and OMG! They're heading to Jaden's room!!!

Unaware of the intrusion, Jaden and his friends happily sleep, before a lady starts shouting and banging on the door, demanding that if they don't open up they'll bust it down!
"Is that so" Jaden replies, not giving a damn. "You and what army...?"
"The Disciplinary Action Squad Army!!" The lady replies. This makes Jaden jump straight up to answer the door.
(*DIALOGUE NOTE: I believe in the original the lady threatened to blow up the door, Juudai, at first was too sleepy to realize exactly what she said, but when he wakes up a little more he jumps straight up and shouts for her to wait a minute before opening the door, so in the original Juudai gave more of a damn about them busting down the door than Jaden did XDD*)

Anyway Jaden opens the door and the lady says that he must be Jaden and as it pans over to Sy she realizes somehow that must by Syrus. Apparently both of them are under campus arrest.
"What'd we do?" Jaden asks, but apparently this will be made more apparent at the interrogation :o

"What!? Suspended!?"
The lady says that's what she suggests since they trespassed into the abandoned dorm, an anonymous letter from one of the faculty confirmed it :o So they must be punished. Although Crowler wants to suggest something more "Sporting"
(*EDIT NOTE: It seems there is a small cut here, the shot of Jaden and Sy, before it pans to Crowler, is shortened. In the original Juudai actually said something before Chronos/Crowler did*)

Anyway Jaden wonders what Crowler means by "Sporting". Crowler explains that, just off the top of his head, how about he partners up with Syrus for a tag duel. Win and they're cleared, lose and they're expelled!
"A Tag Duel? That sounds sweet!!" Jaden remarks.
"Bu-but Jaden, they said "expelled" Sy adds on, oh so cute~! XD
Crowler addresses Sheppard and tells him they seem to have agreed to the arrangement. Sheppard says he'll arrange some opponents but Crowler says he'll take care of that.

Later on, in Sheppard's office, Chumley is there and tells him that he was at the abandoned dorm too and that he should be the one to duel with Jaden.
"No, it should be me" comes Alexis' voice as she walks in. She claims that they were at the dorm helping her.
"Duh! That's bogus!" Chumley replies, he then says it was his fault and then claims that he was the one that lead them to the abandoned dorm as he wanted to check out it's....abandoned cafeteria XD;;
After that Alexis tells him "Fat Chance" and then politely asks Sheppard if she can be Jaden's partner.
Sheppard says that he knows the stakes are high but the team up has been set, Syrus is Jaden's partner and he's sure he'll do fine :o

Anyway when Chumley returns to his dorm, Sy goes over to him and throws himself on him asking if Sheppard said yes.
"If I'm Jaden's partner I'll get us both expelled!" he whines.
Chumley says that he tried, he even lied about leading them there.
"Hehe, well you did lead us into it's cafeteria" Jaden replies.
Sy asks Jaden why he's not worried, is he really not afraid that he'll get them kicked out.
Jaden tells him that he wouldn't want any other partner, despite the fact that sy thinks he's nuts.
Jaden tells him they'll go in, duel their best and win, because they're gonna work out all their kinks right now XDD He then tells him to go and grab his deck cos they're gonna duel! Whoooo!

Later Chumley is stood on top of the cliff as he shouts down to Sy and Jaden below telling them it's only practice for their match so go easy.
"Of course, I'm not sure if Jaden knows how to go easy..." he finishes. Alexis then approaches and tells him that's probably a good thing as she knows Crowler and knows he won't be matching them up with any pushovers. She says that both of them have to be at their very best.

Anyway Jaden tells him to get his game on and have fun. Poor Sy is like "Sure...fun...guess we might as well squeeze some in...before we get kicked out of here..."

Anyway Jaden starts off and summons Avian in attack mode and...throws down a face down... >>; *Kills that line* Anyway afterwards Sy takes his turn and realizes his Patroid's attack can beat Jaden's Avian and...oh dear...
(*EDIT NOTE: They cut out one of my favorite scenes in this episode ;____; Right after this, in the original, Shou lets his imagination get the better of him and imagines what would happen. His Patroid would destroy Featherman and...er...Juudai suddenly gets very...summative and starts complimenting Shou in a really high girly sounding voice O_o; Then it shows Shou standing over Juudai with a really ...dominant look on his face. This was one of my favorite scenes cos it's so very amusing to see Seme!Shou and Uke!Juudai, seriously XDD Damn you 4Kids, that scene was awesome XP*)

Anyway Jaden asks if he's got something and Sy replies that he thinks so, before playing Patroid in attack mode. he declares an attack but Jaden activates his face down trap, negate attack.

Chumley remarks that Sy walked straight into that one before he notices pharaoh at his feet, he picks up the cat before Alexis comments that if Sy plays like this they have no chance in the tag match.

"Oh boy! Don't you think that dirt is just the coolest Jaden!"
...WTF? XDDD That was a really....out of the blue and random line and he says it with a bizarre accent XD
"Sy, don't crack up yet, you just made one mistake, that's all" Jaden replies. So Sy is going insane now? Good for him! XD;;
Anyway Sy thinks coming to the school was his mistake but Jaden tells him all he did was forget Patroids special power, it lets you check out one of his opponents face down cards once per turn.
But no...Sy decides to go for the uber angst and start moaning that he's no good and doesn't belong there. Jaden tells him that he didn't mean anything like that.
(*Dialogue note: In the original Shou starts shouting at Juudai for lecturing him*)

Anyway Sy tells him that he knows that he didn't mean anything like that and that he was just trying to help. Jaden tells him he's right and he shouldn't butt in, after all they're opponents right now and they should act like it.

So Jaden takes his next turn. He summons Sparkman in attack mode and then declares an attack on Patroid.
(*EDIT NOTE: In the dub it cuts straight to Patroid getting hit. In the original version you see the attack fly towards Patroid before hand*)

Anyway he then had Avian attack Sy directly, which throws him to the floor. Jaden ends his turn by...throwing down another face down... >>;

"Can I crack up now?" Sy asks. "I just got nailed on both of our turns, I can't win!"
Alexis tells him that of course he can win, he just has to believe in himself. Chumley tells him to not give up, after all that's the first thing they teach in freshman dueling class, he should know, he had to take it twice.
Sy realizes that he shouldn't give up as he's not just dueling for himself, but for Jaden too and right now the best thing he can do for him is take him down!!!

Anyway Alexis and Chumley cheer from the cliff and....why does Chumley have to add "Duh" onto everything he says >>;
And Alexis says he's pretty good at words of encouragement Oo;; Well...if you think so...
Chumley replies he has a load of books on self motivation, for some reason his dad keeps getting them for him. Awwww~~! XD

Oh my god and now Sy is "Throwing down" cards? Would they please stop saying those kind of lines!? It's the only line I feel like strangling!
Anyway Sy plays Pot of Greed and thus...he draws Power Bond.
(*EDIT NOTE: The art on Power Bond seem a little different so I'll post comparison pictures for it cos I feel like it*)

Anyway Sy explains Power Bond as "like Polymerization, but better!" whatever machine type fusion monster he summons it's attack is doubled. He then claims he's not good enough to play a card this strong, at least according to his brother.

Enter flashback mode. Back in grade school he was dueling this really mean bully to show that he couldn't be pushed around. Anyway widdle Sy takes his turn and draws Power Bond, the card his brother gave him, he is sure he'll win now.
(*EDIT NOTE: A few shots taken out here: One of Gyroid and Steamroid, one of the bully seen past Shou's monsters and another shot of Shou holding his cards. In the dub it jumps straight to seeing the bully from Sy's end of the field. THEN more shots are taken out as in the original after this we see a shot from the bully's side of the field and then a close up of the bully.*)

Anyway Sy claims that the duel is his and the bully says that the only thing that will be his is a sever butt-kicking. Sy replies that he's done being scared of his threats. Then when he's about to play power Bond a voice says "Stop!" and Sy lands flat on his face. he demands to know who said it but is then shocked to see his brother walk past.
Zane tells the bully that the duel never happened and tells him to take the card he's holding up and to walk away, the bully agrees.
"What are you doing Zane!" Sy snaps at his brother. "I was about to win this duel with the card you gave me!"
Zane tells him that he wasn't and that he would of never have given him that card if he knew that he would mis-play it like he was about to.
It's then Zane shows him the card the bully had face down on the field, spell binding circle.
(*EDIT NOTE: Card has totally different art*)

Zane explains how the card would work against him, how he wouldn't have been able to attack, how he would have taken a hit to his life points due to using power Bond, then goes onto say how he wasn't thinking and didn't take into account the face down card. Sure he knows how to USE the card but there is more to dueling than simply that.
Sy simply falls to his knees.

Anyway out of the flashback Sy doesn't understand what Zane meant and Jaden notices that Sy seems to be struggling with his move. With that Sy decides to play Polymerization to fuse together Steamroid and Gyroid to get Steam Gyroid. he declares an attack on Avian, which makes Jaden yell in pain! HAHAHA! Then Sy is all "Gotcha! Had enough practice!" but then is surprised when he sees Jaden laughing. Telling him like they say "No pain, no gain" and says Sy will gain a lot from what he has planned.
(*EDIT NOTE: Really short shot of Shou cut out here, nothing big at all*)

Anyway Jaden then says that Sy maybe one of his best pals but now they're rivals and he has the cards to prove it!
With that he plays polymerization to fuse together Clayman and Sparkman to form Thunder Giant.

Anyway as Thunder Giant starts making it's appearance, pharaoh jumps from Chumleys arms and walks off a little before sitting down. Alexis claims the cat has the right idea and Chumley tells her that it's JUST another monster. Alexis says that it's not.
"Thunder Giant can destroy one monster on the turn he's summoned if that monster's original attack points are less than his own"

Anyway Jaden has Thunder Giant take out steam Gyroid. Jaden then summons Burstinatrix in attack mode before having them both attack Sy. And that "Would be game!" He tells Sy it was a good game but Sy isn't so sure as he didn't put up much of a fight. Jaden disagrees and tells him he pulled some sweet moves.
He then tells Sy that he's curious about something, what the card was that he drew but didn't play, with that he takes the cards from Sy's hand.
Anyway he sees Power Bond and asks why he didn't use it, then says that for his sake he's glad he didn't play it Oo;

"You don't understand... My bro says I'm not good enough to use it...and I'll probably never be" Sy replies. he then says that it's clear he'll never be able to win the Tag team Duel if he's Jaden's partner, and with that, he runs off. Chumley takes off after him.

Afterwards Alexis takes to Jaden and says that practice doesn't always make for perfect at least not when it's Syrus. Jaden replies that Sy is such a cool guy and wishes that he can see what he does, that the only thing holding him back is himself (*Awwww~!*)
"I mean he had this primo card all set to play, but he doesn't use it and why? Cos some brother of his said not to!" This makes Alexis gasp and Jaden asks if he's missing something here.
Alexis tells him that this brother of Sy's goes to this school and that Jaden has probably heard of him too.
Jaden asks what she's talking about.
"Hello!? Third year Obelisk Blue and number one duelist at the academy. He's the big man on campus! ZANE! And he really is as good as his reputation"

With that Jaden says he doesn't sound like he's very good to his little brother and he wonders what happened between them.
"Jaden...don't pry..." <--- I love how she says that for some odd reason XD;;
"Oh I won't pry!" Jaden replies. "I'll duel this guy to find out what's up!"
Alexis tells Jaden that he's not listening, apparently nobody messes with Zane.
"They do when they're Tag Team partners not dueling up to snuff cause of him! Besides! I wanna see how I stack up!"
...dueling up to snuff? Oo; Stack up!?
Alexis thinks since he's not listening to her she'll just tell him to go get him XD;;
(*Dialogue note: I think here all she did was say to herself how Juudai was an interesting, she says that quite a lot about him in the original XD*)

Well look out Zane, Jaden is coming for j00! :ooo

I'm currently halfway through episode 8. Oh and I actually added a front page to my GX site. All I did was explain what it was about and put the links to what I've done so far which is the episode rambles page and profiles for Hayato and Juudai.
I think from this point I may be getting behind in the episode rambles. I only have up to episode 10 capped, then 11-14 aren't so I need to do those as it helps in finding edits and cuts even if I don't find them all. Plus work is sucking my very life right now, as is my Halloween picture ^^;; But hey, I'll get to them at some point. It's a shame I have to wait to watch them though. I have more of a want to write the rambles while I'm watching the episode for the first time so I wait and write the ramble when I first watch it XD;;

Anyway you can access my GX site from http://gx.pdunited.co.uk/ the only thing I wish is that I could make multiple layouts for the thing but I have no PHP skillz and my servers PHP is quite crappy anyway, it tends to be buggy :/

Oh yeah and I went on a small Yamaguchi Kappei song downloading spree, managed to get a song he sings with Kojiro's VA (*From Pokémon*) And Shikamaru Nara's VA (*From Naruto*) Amusing XD
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