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I'm proud cos I just pwned Shou! :D

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Though if you notice our life point difference I think you can see why. He played some card that increased MY life points XD But I'm learning how to use this fire deck quite well. I look up the cards I reconize and see what effects and stuff they have :D Most of my traps and magic cards I have no idea what they are or what they do though ;___;
Although one of my monsters I just love. It has such a high defense and all the characters are stupid and always attack it while it's face down! Muwhahahaha! I love doing that! XD

I wish Shou wouldn't pull such pouty faces when you defeat his monsters though, makes me feel sorry for him XD Juudai just gets pissed if you destory any of his XD

I love this game :3

EDIT: Misawa is letting me duel him now
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This expression just had to be posted XD;;

EDIT 2: I just pwned Daitokuji too :3 Thank goodness one of the traps I have in the game I actually have in real life. His life points were really low but I didn't want to attack cos he had been getting me with face down traps a lot so I used "Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai" to tribute a fire monster I had so I could inflict damage to him equal to my tributed monsters ATK points which was about 1850 I think and he had just over 1200 life points! HA!

Sorry I feel smart cos I usually suck at this game *lol* XD;;
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