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Halloween Picture - Sketch Finished!

And now I can safely say that the sketch of the Halloween picture is FINISHED! :D
Warning, it's kinda big O_O;
Oh yeah and ignore the fact that Misawa has no feet yet, couldn't fit them in on the original drawing XD;;

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And just for refrence:
Tenjoin Asuka - Toone (*Melody of Oblivion*)
Tenjoin Fubuki - Ichimaru Gin (*Bleach*)
Marufuji Shou - Ghost Kotsuzuka/Bonz (*Yu-Gi-Oh! DM*)
Manjoume Jun - Helios (*Sailor Moon SuperS*)
Yuuki Juudai - Yuuta Fuji (*Prince of Tennis Musical*)
Misawa Daichi - Masaharu Niou (*Prince of Tennis*)
Ed Phoenix - Wizardmon (*Digimon*)
Daitokuji - Inuyasha

I'm sure there are a ton of preportion issues XD
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