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Whooo! My rambles for episodes 6 and 7 should be up tomorrow! :D Just need spell checking and that's it. I'm hoping to have episode 8 at least written up by tomorrow night too once I get the episode.
The Drunken Duel Monster episode is next O___O; Can't wait to see how they handle that episode! The Drunken Angel is one of the best Duel Monsters ever! XD

Might post the icons I've been working on too.

Oh by the way, like my Fonz!Manjoume icon? *Points to her user icon with the post* :D What can I say, I looked at this screenshot and for some odd reason my mind went "Hahahaha! It's the Fonz!"
My only excuse is that I made this icon last night when I should have been sleeping.
Bed is where I'm going now, night all~! XD
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