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So Dub episode 7?

Hummm, episode 7 wasn't too bad, though a few things that didn't sit right with me.
-They cut the entire scene where Shou imagined himself pwning Featherman then getting all seme-like over a uke-like Juudai. That was one of the best scene in the episode XD Dominant Shou! Whoooo! XDDD
- Sy needed to raise his voice, seriously. In the original Shou kept shouting and getting annoyed at Juudai. In the dub, Sy just angsted about how pathetic he is >>;

Oh and best crazy crack line in the episode?
"Oh boy! Don't you think that dirt is just the coolest Jaden!" <--- that was while he was drawing in the dirt and it's just the way he said it, with this bizarre childish accent that suggested he was going insane Oo;

I'll be getting episode 6 and 7 up soon I hope XD
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