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Yay me?

So last night instead of going to bed like I should have done I found myself staying up until 4am making Fubuki mini-music videos Oo;;; Why is it that i'm my most creative in the early hours of the morning!? XDD But the videos I was pleased with especially the second one which I'm sure will break a few brains~~~! They'll premier with the Episode 47 parody once I've finished it ;D

I also spent some time making some icons, I really need to do a huge icon post or something.

Oh and I didn't get up until about half two today! YAY ME! Ooooh, my dad will kill me cos I'm sure he's leaving those pans on the side for me to wash, I did intend on doing them...only my head likes to get the maximum of 10 hours sleep half the time, so thus half two was when I finally woke up enough to actually get up XDDD

Oooh I downloaded the dub of episode 7 of GX...I can only hope this one is better than the crap that was the dub of episode 6 >>;

Hummm, right now I should really finish my sketches for the halloween picture, I don't have much longer to work on it.
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