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Juudai no Aniki!

First of all I'd like to say that episode 6 of Dubbed GX is the worst dubbed episode so far. They changed SO MUCH! They never mentioned that Hayato and Shou could see different parts of Juudai's body going missing, never did the whole scene where Titan screwed himself over saying he had one of the seven millennium puzzles (*Instead they had Jaden catch him out by having Dub!Titan call it a "Millennium pendent" despite the fact I'm SURE he called it the Millennium puzzle in the last episode >>; And why didn't they have Chumley hear the voice of the winged kuriboh...what was wrong with all these aspects? Why did it have to change so much!?
And you know, I was so busy picking out small cut shots I never even noticed the bit where jaden stops talking but apparently his lips still move afterwards, which part of the episode was that on? Oo;
Oh yes, and the whole Titan is a carnie thing just wasn't right Oo;
Yes...after such a decently done episode as episode 5, this episode just sucked big time! XP

So right after it I decided to watch episode 55 of GX and oh my, Kenzan is just one hella big goofball like everyone else, except he doesn't really do it on purpose his facial expressions were hilarious XD Shou's little shouting match with kenzan's gang was funny and by the end...Kenzan appears to become a Juudai fanboy Oo; And starts calling him "Juudai no Aniki" which appears to piss Shou off quite a bit XD
Does he move in with them!? Cos he brings what appears to be a bunch of his stuff to their dorm XD;; (*Is Manjoume staying there too while they do whatever they're doing to his room? I only say this cos he was laying on the top bunk in Juudai and Shou's room*)

Insect girl in the next episode keeps a picture of Kaiser around her neck and Chronos keeps a picture of Shou in his uniform...I don't want to know why...
And why in the hell is Asuka at Juudai's dorm with a huge bag? Oo;
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