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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Episode 5 [Dubbed] - It's Anti-licious!

FINALLY finished the ramble for GX dubbed episode 5~! It included the most pointless edit EVER! But other than (*Plus the usual*) that I really enjoyed the episode ^__^
You can read it below under the cut or here: http://gx.pdunited.co.uk/yugi_episodes.htm

EDIT: Oh one thing I wasn't sure on was what Alexis said right at the begining, ya see the download I had had this annoying little glitch in the audio when she was speaking. Did she say "Be at peace, brother"? The glitch was in between "Be at peace" and "Wherever you are" so I'm unsure if she said anything in between, although it sounded like she was about to say "brother".

Late at night, at a run down looking building, Alexis lays one single red rose outside, before looking back up.
"Be at peace brother, wherever you are..."
(*DIALOGUE NOTE: In the original Asuka says nothing over this scene*)
I must say I like the BGM on this scene, kind of like a creepy, slightly "Music box" version of the opening theme, it really sounds quite nice and fits the scene very well. Improvement on the BGM they use during the duel scenes X___x;

Next we go to the Osiris Red dorm where Sy is telling a scaaarrryyy story!
"And underneath the full moon, I see a path to a cavern that seems...abandoned..."
Sy continues to say that at the back of the cavern he sees a mysterious lake, so he goes to look in veeerrrryyy carefully. Then just underneath the right angle of light at the very bottom of the lake, beyond his reflection, he sees a rare and powerful card!
"Naturally I go to get it, but when I reach for it...."
Suddenly an arm shoots out of the water and grabs Sy by his leg and begins to pull him into the lake! OH NOES!
"Haww, water's not so scary" Jaden replies.
"Dirty swamp water?" Sy says back, but then realizes that only a chump would be scared of that as...Chumley cowers behind them.

"Still, good story, mid level scares for a mid level card" Jaden says as he picks up the card Sy had picked. It's Jaden's turn and he hopes he gets a high level card so manages to draw...a level one monster XD

Sy remarks that he'll hardly get to scare them at all with that low card, but Jaden feels he has a story to do the trick.
"Well, it's more like, a memory..." he begins. "Back when I was a little kid I used to hear sounds, but I'd only hear them REAL late at night..."
(*EDIT NOTE: Breaking off Jaden's story for a second I noticed card edits but slightly more interesting. Where in the Japanese version the cards laid out in front of them are pretty lacking in detail, in the dub they've been made much more distinctive so you can see the pictures on them :D*)

Anyway we get treated an adorable little flashback which currently is Juudai/Jaden's only flashback into his past in the show as of writing this (*Yes, after 53 episodes, we know very little currently about the main character which is weird XD*) Anyway...
"I'd think I was dreaming" Jaden continues, as the flashback shows a little chibi Jaden rubbing his eyes then as a light glows and noises are heard, he looks over to his right. "They sounded like voices, but not ones I recognized. I'd go to check it out, but every time I did there was nothing, nothing there at all, except my cards"
"And...?" Sy asks.
"And, that's the end of the story!" Jaden finishes.
Both Sy and Chumley are like "That's it!?" but Jaden continues saying what's strange is that he's started hearing them again as he remembers Winged Kuriboh.

As Jaden contemplates this, banner suddenly appears behind them with Pharaoh and announced that he wants to join in on the freight fest, this scares the three of them.
"You just did!!" Screams Sy.
"We're kind of on the edge of our seats here!" Jaden adds on. Afterwards Sy says since Banner is here now why doesn't he join in, the tougher the card the scarier his story has to be.
With that Banner picks up a card and draws a level 12 monster.
"I think I'm gonna go to bed now" Sy says.
"What is wrong? Don't you want to hear about the abandoned dorm at the end of the island" Banner replies. He continues to say that nobody talks about it but there was once a special dorm set at the edge of the forest. It was shut down after several students mysteriously went missing :o
"Where'd they all go?" Sy asks.
"Well that's the mystery of it" Banner replies. "But the rumor was that it had something to do with Shadow Games"
"Thanks you can stop now!" Chumley shouts from behind, though Banner continues.
He explains that Shadow Games are duels played with powerful mystical items.
"Millennium items, right?" Jaden replies. "I've heard about this, but it's not true"
Banner claims that is what most people say but he finds that most stories, generally have to come from somewhere.
Pharaoh meows and Banner sees that as his cue to get back home, so he leaves.

After he leaves, Sy brings up that he did see a creepy building he saw in the forest once.
"Awww, sweet! Then you'll lead the way for us tomorrow night!"
Safe to say, both Chumley and Sy aren't too happy with Jadne's decision to go check it out.
Ah, but unknown to them, Crowler was spying on them like a creepy pervert and after overhearing this he sees it as the opportunity he's been waiting for. The shadow Games should make a comeback, Millennium items and all!!
Another BGM ramble, I love the music they use for Crowler and it's like creepier played over this scene XD Fun, fun~!

Meanwhile, somewhere in a city, some guy is begging another person to just take what he wants since he's won. But his opponent holds up a shiny item that looks a lot like the Millennium puzzle and claims that what he wants...is his SOUL! :o Afterwards, the guy is now on the floor and as the mysterious man approaches him he says:
"Rest in peace...IN THE SHADOW REALM!!!" XD
Then his phone rings and he answers it just by saying "Speak!"

"Duel Academy? Tomorrow Night? I'll be there!"

Anyway it's the next day. Jaden and Sy are snoring through another one of Banner's classes as he lectures on the philosophy of dueling and how it went through a second renaissance with the rise of what some historians dub "Virtual dueling" XD
Meanwhile Crowler is spying on Jaden again and claims that he'll have a make up lesson soon enough, a lesson in the shadow games!!

That night Crowler meets with the mysterious figure near the lighthouse (*That lighthouse is my most favorite part of the island :D*) Crowler turns around and says "So you're the one they call "The Shadow Duelist"
The man replies that his opponents call him many things most of which are hard to discern through their shrieks of sheer terror.
Likes to be dramatic, doesn't he?
Anyway he asks what the job is and Crowler tells him that he wants to him to frighten someone so intensely that he leaves the academy and never comes back, then asks if he's up to the challenge. The man replies that of course he is, because he never turns his back on a challenge!
Afterwards Crowler moves but the man moves too so that his back is never turned on him.
"My, my you ARE good" Crowler replies XD The man replies that he's better than good and that he'll prove it by not just saying this someone but banishing him to the Shadow Realm, as he leaves.
"Well, alright, if you insist" Crowler replies after he's left XD

Meanwhile Jaden and the others are walking around in the forest, Jaden making comment that they could see them as being lost or they could see it as finding a few places where it's not. Chumley tells him they've been "finding places" for over an hour now although it could be worse for Sy, that they could be near a lake of dirty swamp water. (*Really...the expression on his face doesn't indicate very well that he's mocking him >>; Same goes for Sy for his following comment*)
Anyway Sy replies with: "Very funny! But you were the one who refused to bathe cos you were scared of the bath water last night!" Then they continue to argue over the bath... :/

Anyway Jaden's flashlight lands on a single red rose and then Sy tells him to check out what's behind it. It's the old dorm. Chumley seems to think it has plenty of ghosts. Jaden tells him there is no one here, but then a twig snaps and as Chumley and Sy get scared out of their minds, Jaden moves his flashlight over for it to hit Alexis.

Sy, who had jumped onto Jaden with Chumley in fright, asks what she's doing here, she replies that she was about to ask them the same question. Jaden tells her that they heard about the abandoned dorm and wanted to check it out.
"Well that's not very intelligent" she tells him then remarks about how kids have a way of disappearing around here, Jaden just thinks it's an urban myth. Alexis replies that it's not and she knows, after all, why would they make it completely forbidden. She then points out if he's caught here, he'll be expelled.
Jaden then asks why she's here and she snaps back that she has her reasons. After that Jaden tells her they just came to look around and will stay out of her way.
"Look, it's just that..." she begins as she turns her back on them and walks slightly from them. "One of the kids who disappeared here, was my brother"
After this Jaden realizes that's what the rose is for. When he turns back she's gone and Sy makes comment that if her brother really disappeared, then the rumors aren't just rumors. Sy wants to go back but Jaden wants to go in, thus both Jaden and Chumley walk towards the dorm and Jaden tells Sy not to "disappear on them" with that Sy decides to follow them.
(*EDIT NOTE: And what a rather pointless edit it is >>; The sign outside the dorm that Shou/Sy hops over has "Keep Out" written on it in the original, yes it's written in ENGLISH yet in the dub 4Kids have edited it out >>; WTF?*)

As they go into the dorm, Alexis watches and hopes Jaden knows what he's doing (*Ya know, she wonders that a LOT, doesn't she? XD*) But as she turns to walk away a big man quickly blocks her way and with that she screams.

"This place is sweet!" Jaden remarks as they enter a huge room. "Ya know, a little paint, a couple o cardboard boxes, maybe a throw rug and we could so totally move in here!" His friends don't share his enthusiasm about it, Sy calling it worse than the Slifer dorm.
The group start looking at strange pictures on the walls. Sy shouts for Jaden not to stand so close to them but Jaden realizes that they seem to show the seven Millennium items, he then moves his flashlight across to someone's picture on the wall.
"And that shows someone I've never seen before"
(*EDIT NOTE: The photograph is of Asuka's/Alexis' brother. In the Japanese version we knew this as on the photo was his signature, signed "Fubuki 10 Join" the "10 Join" being how he signs his last name "Tenjoin". Since his last name will have changed to "Rhodes" in the dub, the signature has of course, been edited out*)

Meanwhile Alexis wakes up to find her hands are tied up and she's laying in a casket O_O She asks where she is and a deep voice tells her that she's dangling on a hook baiting her friends into his trap :o Alexis' thoughts instantly turn to Jaden XDDD
Suddenly a golden eye opens letting out an intense light making Alexis scream.

Jaden and his friends hear it and realizing it's Alexis they run out of the room they were in to the top of some stairs. Jaden moves his flashlight around and sees something on the floor at the bottom, running down he picks it up. It's Alexis' Etoile Cyber card.
Chumley points out a nearby doorway and tells his friends there is only one way she could have gone so the group run down the dark passageway shouting for their friend.
They eventually get to a large dark room where Alexis is, laying in a casket unconscious just across from them. A deep voice tells them that she can't hear them as she's locked far away...IN THE SHADOW REALM!!! MUWHAHAHAHA!! Gotta love that Shadow Realm! :D

Jaden asks who's there before a large person seems to rise from the ground before replying: "Your worst nightmare come true"
"Oh gimmie a break..." Jaden replies.
After that the man wants to prove it to Jaden by dueling in a Shadow Game :o

Anyway Jaden demands that he hands Alexis over right now or he'll be sorry and the man replies that the only way he'll free her is if he beats him in a Shadow Game.
"He's not looking at me is he?" Chumley replies.
Jaden tells the man that he's not afraid of dueling him but Shadow Games don't exist.
The man claims that the other people he faced didn't believe in them either but they were soon convinced as when you lose you don't just pay with your life points in a Shadow Game, you play with your soul!!! Oooooh!!!
After this Jaden thinks that he's the one behind the disappearances at the dorm XD OH! How wrong you are~!
After that Chumley hands Jaden a duel disk and now it's time to get your game ooooon!!! XP
Before they start Jaden tells Alexis to hang on and that he'll get her out, awwww~!

"Prepare you fool to enter into....the shadows!!" Ha, Dub!Titan is getting a little annoying now, trying to be so over-dramatic :o
Anyway just so you know in the original Titan's cards were called "Demons" but in the dub this has been changed to "Archfiend"

Hummm, I really like the background music when Dub!Titan brings out those numbered balls, gives quite a nice "suspense" feel as it began to choose a number :D
(*EDIT NOTE: And this is actually somewhat of a good edit XD There is a shot of Juudai's hand at one point and it showed two Mirror forces in it in the original. Now I personally have no idea on the card game but I've often heard people mention this as an animation error as apparently he shouldn't have two in his deck. In the dub, one of the Mirror Forces has been replaced with a fusion/polymerization card*)

By the end Jaden appears to be having a run of some "Really rotten luck" as every time Dub!Titan activates his monsters roulette special ability it lands on the number that he needs, thus putting Jaden in a really bad spot.
Once again, Chumley begins to make up words as he apparently thinks this situation is..."antilicious"...
...antilicious...? Oo;
And is it me? Or does Chumley then call Jaden "Jade" XD
Anyway he carries on to say that he came here to save Alexis but now he might not even be able to save himself.

And it ends with Dub!Titan laughing manically at Jaden, cos no evil villain is complete without laughing manically at least once :D

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