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Halloween Picture so far~!

I've been in such an icon making mood since last night :D Was up until half two this morning making some random pokémon ones some of which i was very pleased with ;D Gonna make some more in a little while but for now I'll show you what's done so far in my halloween picture :D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Yeah, something about Asuka looks awkward I think, maybe it's her arm, although I like how her expression came out, looks like Fubuki won't live long with that look XD Plus you gotta love the look on Shou and Manjoume's faces~! I hope I got Manjoume's outfit right ^^;; He looks pretty, so very pretty~~~!
Just got the background to do as well as Misawa, Juudai and Ed ^^ Inuyasha!Daitokuji and Pharaoh have already been drawn.
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