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Digimon Movie + Toonami Rant

So I just finished watching the newest Digimon movie (*The one with Locomon*) and I must say I was very impressed! Most of the original VAs did their roles and it was like they had never stopped VAing for the show X333 The only thing that annoyed me a little was their sudden decision that they'd white out the biomerge scenes which showed the tamers naked (*Despite nothing being there of course*) it never seemed a problem for the TV show but they whited out those parts, oh well.
Kinda missed the original Digivolving and Digi-modifying music but the season 4 music worked just as well ^^
Rika's song was PRETTY! :o It really did give the same kind of feel as yuuhi no yakusoku did ^^ Yes, very impressed with the dub of this movie <33333


Also I'd just like to say that the Toonami UK channel sucks. Thanks to you now I have to download new pokemon dub episodes cos your schedule does not fit my free time very well >/ New episodes 5pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, newsflash I'm often at work then! Repeated Saturdays and Sundays? Yes, but ALL SPACED OUT in the day, I won't remember to watch them!! I liked the one new episode shown on Sky one on Sunday mornings, I'd gotten into the habit of watching it then, it was a time I could ALWAYS watch it, I looked FORWARD to it every Sunday, but now I can't cos Toonami got the show instead of Sky One thus:
Toonami = sucks

Good thing I know where to get the dub episodes and once I've taken screenshots and such they'll be deleted anyway.

Man, I'm in such a rant mood today... >>;
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