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...why did most of the customers today smell like cigarettes and alcohol -_-; Ewwww... most had really dirty hands too though that's nothing new. Most of the customers children were screaming I don't think ANYONE I served smiled (*And if it was it was a forced smile*) One purposely came to me when I was closing and I am SURE she saw my closing sign cos she was stood at the top of it for a few minutes...heh. The kid who was on the checkout behind me was nice to talk to until all he did was complain about not getting a break. It was noisy, I was starving, for the last hour there my head felt like it was imploding on itself, it was just too busy.
Oh and I was on the basket till >>; I hate that till.

Topped it off when I was standing outside the shop waiting for my dad and this family pull up in a car, the lady, who had like an Indian accent asked me "Isa the Sainsbury's still open?" so I said no it's just closed, they kinda just waited around after that for a few minutes, not even talking amongst themselves, ah but the thing that annoyed me was the sight of what I assume was the lady's husband. Big, brutish, very unhygienic looking guy. He eventually proceeded to spit on the floor before the finally left >>; That is SUCH a pet HATE of mine, when people spit on the god damn floor. Most of the school/college kids to it and it just disgusts me >__<
Ack, then my dad proceeded to moan about his computers floppy drive and how it's not working. I asked him if instead of trying to save what he wanted to disk straight away why not try the method I told him and save it to the computer and drag it onto the disk, it worked last time...
...I don't think he really wanted to know >>; He just carried on complaining.

Ah, I think that's my rant fest over with, just PMS-ing I think XD Cola and cheese sticks make it better~!
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