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Best Pokémon Episode Ever! ;___________;

I knew I'd love this episode! I knew I would! It unfortuntly meant Chimecho's deprature from the show but I couldn't have asked for a better depature episode for a Pokémon, this was so so sweet ;____; Seriously this was an episode where James truely shinned and showed just how much he cared for his Chimecho if it wasn't apparent enough as it was. He was so worried about it, he stayed at it's bedside all night (*That is, until Jesse and meowth decided they'd sneak some Pokémon thievin' in while they could =p*) but James even joined in the Ash and co to stop them from stealing the Pokémon that belonged to the old couple that was helping to cure his Chimecho (*And May's Munchlax*)

Not sure who the old couple was, if it was his grandparents or just a random couple the family knew. All I know if that he visited them as a kid and got a break from all the stuff he had to go through at home like table manners and piano/violin lessons.

The last five minutes were pure emotional GOLD. I was just reduced to tears ;___; That hasn't happened really since the Max and Ralts episode. James makes the heartbreaking decision to leave Chimecho with this old couple and he's in tears and everything, it's hard not to get caught up in something like that. So after all the emotion, he goes to get Chimecho's ball out of his pocket and he drops an empty pokéball. The Manene, who seemed to grow very attached to James and often copied exactly what he did through the episode. makes no hesitation in jumping at the ball to catch itself :o

One of the best comical moments was when the old couple seemed to mistake Jesse as James' girlfriend/wife/fiancee or something XD Ooooh the shocked look on his face before he pictures what life with Jesse would be like, he hoovers like a slave as she's sat on the sofa XD;; And after that he yells in pure horror XDDD

I need to make some James and Chimecho fanart *_____* Yes I do~~~!

Oh yes and I forgot to mention the moonlit scene with James and May, that was so pretty looking ;___;

Next episode is that Wonder Drug of Love one XD And Mudkip seems to have a starring role! YAY! Mudkip!

Anyway onexregret I'll upload the episode for you tomorrow, anyone else can feel like snagging it too, but right now I need to sleep, seriously. I actually went to bed at a decent time last night, slept until 10 and ended up somehow feeling like I hadn't freakin' slept at all >>; Might be a PMS thing actually, feeling that tired, it's about that time and it always makes me feel tired and lousy, I've had a muzzy headache most of today too -_-;
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