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Wow! :o

No new GX yet so I decided to start work on my dub episode 5 ramble! :D Up to the part where they run into Alexis outside the Abandoned Dorm! No cut scenes from what I can tell....yet, I've mostly been mentioning card changes which we all know are there anyway :/ Gotta admit, so far I'm quite impressed with this episode ^^ Story with the dorm is in tact, Jaden hasn't been so annoying with his speech, Chumley...er...he's still a bit vicious but not to a great length, one bit I didn't like was while they were walking through the forest and he mocked Sy about his ghost story the night before, mostly cos his expression does not read "Ha, ha! I be mocking you!" so it doesn't go with what he's saying >>;
As for "The Shadow Duelist" AKA Dub!Titan? I actually find him more bareable in the dub, his voice doesn't bore me unlike the Japanese version which just droned on and on O_o;
Dub!Titan likes to be dramatic in his speech though XD

Ah well, I will hopefully finish the rest of this after work ^^
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