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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Episode 4 [Dubbed] - It's so Totallyicious!!!

Finished editing my Episode 4 dub ramble, thus I post it before bed!

Read it below or here: http://gx.pdunited.co.uk/yugi_episode4.htm

So this episode starts out with a whole bunch of ships and helicopters approaching the Academy island with the captain trying to be dramatic as he explains how there have been many attempts to "infiltrate their defenses" but now they have reached their destination, it's the moment they've been waiting for, the moment the Duel Academy gets their NEW RARE CARDS!!! :o

Anyway next we see Sy begging Slifer to help him ace his exams today or he'll be stuck wearing the red blazer forever, he wants to be in Ra Yellow ;____; Meanwhile Jaden is snoring away in the background :D
Anyway Sy asks Slifer to give him a sign that he'll help and at that moment Jaden's alarm clock goes off, Jaden though, remains sleeping.
(*EDIT NOTE: Ah we all know there are many many card edits in this show and we already know they change the picture of the monster reborn card. Sy/Shou has Monster reborn cards on his head XD*)

Anyway Sy goes to try and wake up Jaden, telling him if he misses these tests he'll never advance to the next dorm.
"WRONG! COS I PLAYED A TRAP!" Jaden shouts in his sleep as he accidentally hits Sy and sends him flying.
"Why can't he ever be dreaming in defense mode when I wake him up?" Sy asks. Hahaha! I like that line XD;;

Then comes Chumley and his uber evilness ;___; Why 4Kids WHY did you change him so much!?
Anyway he's all like "Duh Syrus , you shouldn't be waking him up at all!" and explains that after the written tests there are the field tests and it would be "totallyicious" for them both if Jaden slept through it...
..."Totallyicious"? What kind of word is that supposed to be? Oo;
Anyway Chumley asks if Sy gets what he's saying but Sy replies with "I never get anything that you say..."
You and me both Sy, you an me both.

Anyway Chumley goes on to explain that the field test is where they pit classmates against each other and HE doesn't want to have to duel the guy who beat Dr. Crowler so if the competition sleeps in then they...make out...
...that last bit I can't help but take out of context >>;
Sy snaps back and tells him that now he knows why he was held back two years...
...I thought he was only held back one year...? :/
Anyway Sy tries one last attempt at getting Jaden up before telling him that he'll save him a seat and running out of the door.
"Okay, plan B it is..." Chumley states after he's left.
Chumley is evil ;____;
And you know what, they make him even MORE evil in the scene where Juudai finally is up and running towards the main academy building.
"Boy that Chumley sure can cook! A 5-course breakfast! WOW!"
....I hate you 4Kids for making Hayato super evil...
(*NOTE: In the original, Juudai makes no mention of Hayato...4Kids obviously have something against our friendly Koala bear for a human, seriously....)

Anyway as he rushes towards the academy he passes a lady trying to push her van, he stops and looks back.
"To be a gentleman or to be on time...." he wonders, then decides since he's never on time he'll go help XD
The lady appears to think Jaden is from the "Auto club"...the academy has an Auto Club? Oo; Anyway Jaden tells her to not let the red jacket fool her he's just your "average good deed dude"
Well, that's one way to put it I suppose Oo;
"Well isn't that nice" the lady says to him as he van starts rolling backwards.
"What would be nice was if I pushed" Jaden replies as he runs to the back of the van and grabs hold XD Awwwww~! Jaden then makes a remark that he can now skip gym, despite the fact that the day seems full of tests not relating to gym but...oh well...
Anyway the lady tells him that she'll remember this and Jaden just replies with: "How about next time you remember that extended warranty"

Anyway, in the test, Banner reminds everyone that they have 45 minutes to finish their test, while Sy is asleep and mumbling about field spells and stuff (*I believe in the original he was mumbling something about Juudai*)
Anyway Jaden comes in all happy smiles and says to Sy that he didn't think this was an oral test, waking his friend up and then continues to say that maybe next time sleep would be better than an "All night Slifer Séance"
Then Chazz snaps at them telling them that some of them plan to pass this test.
"Hey I always plan on passin' it just doesn't always work out that way" Jaden replies. Banner than interrupts and tells Jaden to get his exam.
"Be there in a jiff!!"

As he gets his paper Alexis and Bastion both share their thoughts on Jaden's attitude.
(*Cut Scene: Only small there was a scene of some random students I believe in between Misawa and Alexis/Asuka, it was mostly just a random Osiris Red student making a comment to himself*)

Anyway later on both Sy and Jaden are sleeping through the rest of their exam while Crowler watches from the door. Just commenting on how his field test will be a nightmare. His voice doesn't really go with his mouth movements here Oo; He makes the motion for laughing and he's still talking...whatever...

Anyway the new rare cards have arrived and Banner announces that now the test is over they can get in line for the new rare cards.
"They're here?" One random student is heard asking.
"Oh dear..." you can hear Banner say before OMG! MASS PANIC! XD
Chazz's lackeys run up to him to tell him and he's all like "So go fetch!" as if commanding dogs! XD
As the last of the students leave the room Bastion is trying to wake up Sy and Jaden. Once Sy wakes up he instantly things he's flunked the test and he's all like "I'm a complete failure!!!"
Dub!Shou really hates himself, doesn't he? :/
Anyway Jaden makes comment that if they were grading Sy on melodrama, he'd get an A.

Anyway Sy wonders where everyone has gone and Bastion tells them of the new cards and Sy is like "Why weren't we tooolllddd!!!" Bastion replies that it's because everyone wants the best cards for themselves for the field tests. Sy wonders why Bastion isn't going to get them but Bastion believe that one errant card and his decks "Delicate balance would be completely thrown off" XD
After Jaden declares that there is nothing like the smell of new cards in the morning they take off.

Meanwhile at the "Card Shack" the students are all banging on the shutter of the shop like rabid animals, then suddenly all these guards appear and the kids chant in unison "Guards, guards, guards!"
Then the captain comes through with the briefcase full of the cards and walks into the shop but when the kids get there, there are no cards :o Turns out a mysterious person (*Obviously Crowler*) had bought all of them :o

Anyway Sy and Jaden run around the corner to find nobody there, they ask the counter Girl if they have any cards left but they only have the regular packs left and pushes one towards them. Sy is all panicked, convinced he'll flunk the field test too cos he can't upgrade his deck, but Jaden tells him to take the pack.
Sy is like "You'd really give me the last pack that they have!?" and then wonders what if Jaden fails.
"No way Sy!" Jaden replies. "I may flunk now and then but I NEVER fail!"
Well...okay then XD

Then the lady from earlier appears and it seems...she's nicknamed Jaden "Auto Club" Oo; Jaden is like "Oh you work here too" and the woman replies with "I don't work here I OWN here!"
(NOTE: In the original Juudai actually calls her "Obaa-chan" (*Usually used to refer to an older woman*) and the lady says it's not "Obaa-chan" and tells them that her name is Tome, so far her dub name hasn't been reveled so that is what I will call her until it is ^^*)

Anyway Tome tells them she has something for Jaden as a thank you for helping her.

Anyway next we skip to Chazz and his lackey who are telling him what happened at the card shack and how they couldn't get any cards. They say sorry and Chazz replies with:
"You know what's sorry, you guys that's what!" then goes to say there isn't a duelist who can beat him anyway no matter what cards he has!
"Unless that duelist happens to be Jaden Yuki!" comes Crowlers obvious voice from nowhere.
"That's the sticky fingers who took all of the rare cards!" the blue haired lackey points out. Anyway he opens up his cape to show all the cards attached to it. All of them edited of course, some with completely new card art.

Anyway he eventually reveals himself as Crowler and Chazz tells him he looked better all covered up XD
Anyway Crowler goes on to say how he wants Chazz to duel Jaden with all these rare cards but Chazz points out they're not in the same dorm so they won't let him duel him, but Crolwer says he'll make it happen XP

Ah dueling time, I never do duels in detail. Ha! Jaden refers to Winged Kuriboh as his "Favoruite furry friend" XD
Yeah this duel moves too fast for me, did so in the Japanese version too XD I completely lose where I am.
(*CUT NOTE: Just after the close up pan of V to Z Dragon catapult Canon, there is a small clip of Chronos watching the duel and making comment before it cuts to Manjoume*)

Blah duel aside cos it annoyed me, Jaden, of course, wins and Sheppard promotes him to Ra Yellow.

Anyway later on Chumley is yapping about...something...roomate warnings? I dunno Oo; Then he snaps at Sy and tells him if he's not going to help then he should do something constructive like...make him grilled cheese... (YOU'RE HIS BITCH YO! MAKE HIM GRILLED CHEESE!!! >ooo)
Anyway Sy is just angsting over the fact he thought Jaden would say goodbye, but then Jaden shows up and Sy wonders why he's back.
Jaden tells him he just wanted to congratulate him on passing his field test oh and incase he had forgotten "I LIVE HERE!"
"Sure Ra Yellow is nice with their clean sheets, lack o cockroaches and those spiffy blazers but without you Syrus, it's just not my home!"
That comment made me **Awwwwww~!**
Sy bursts into tears and hugs Jaden claiming that he thought he had lost him forever and now he's never letting go of him *sniggers*
"Please Jay! Give us a couple more hugs, huh!?" Sy says as Jaden pushes him away and claims it's not the hugs, it's the waterworks, then says at least Red doesn't stain as easy as Yellow does...
....no comment...just...no comment...

Now I must sleeeeeep~! GX isn't up yet so I need to get up extra early tomorrow and hope it's up, plus my dad wants me to hoover my room which I have neglected to do :o
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