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Just a whole lot of Random Stuff

Episode 5 of Dub GX was put up early today! Just need the time to go through the episode to write the ramble, I've skimmed through it already and suprisingly nothing quirked me about the bits I watched all that much which is...weird Oo; I even liked some of the spooky BGM they were playing XD;;
I need to take screenshots of episode 6 before next Wednesday, the screenshots help me pick out any cuts.
I just did my little crappy picture for episode 4 so hopefully I'll get that up soon O_O;

Oh yeah and I'm trying to catch up with naruto episodes. Man these fillers are repeditive. They go on a mission that could help find Sasuke, oh dear, mission fails or leads to no clues or whatever. The only GOOD thing about them really is that we get to see the more minor characters in action. Hinata kicked ass in episode 151! YAY! :D I watched episode 152 as well, the start of yet another mission, this time with Neji, Ten Ten and Rock Lee. Rock Lee is awesome XD

Oh and I wasn't too lazy earlier and answered all my e-mails, it helped that out of 113 e-mails, after deleting the spam there were about 11 that needed answering XD Got some fanstuff to put up onto PDU (*Which despratly needs an update*) need to put up the "Advanced Battle" section for the Pokémon episode guide, need to deactivate a section which is old and I moved too the episode guide section XD
My poor site, I neglect it so ;___;

Oh well, off to work for me soon! Work on Wednesdays isn't so bad, at least when I get home I usually have a GX episode waiting to be downloaded, whooo! Manjoume duel! Ojamas! YAAAAY!
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